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My New Office Setup!

I had a very special birthday gift last month.  David built himself a new computer last February and he happily donated his old computer to me.  Bill & David bought some more pieces and parts and worked several evenings fixing the old computer up for me.  I’ve been using my new computer for almost two weeks now, and it is glorious!  It is so much faster than my old one, which we figure was at least 10 years old, probably older, as we bought it used on Ebay.  It also has great graphics – no more jerky screens when I use Quicken!

As if a new computer wasn’t enough, Bill decided to put up shelves for my computer monitors and also build a raised shelf for my keyboard and mouse.  That was completed last Sunday.

Here’s the before:                                                                                                           And the after:






I am in heaven!  No more boxes.  I have more flat space to utilize.  I’m not chasing my keyboard around as the box it sits on slides one way or the other.  I can have multiple programs operating at the same time.  No more excuses for not getting work done!

3 Quick Thoughts on Saturday, March 1, 2014

  • This weekend’s plans include NASCAR watching (they are racing in Phoenix this weekend, so that means rain for us!), boxing up Fiona’s birthday items and getting them ready to ship on Monday, studying for a retake attempt for Bill, and starting the cross stitch on Liana’s birthday blanket. I have the whole month of March to get that done and I WILL NOT let myself get sidetracked with new and exciting (oh, shiny!) projects.
  • I’ve felt pretty good about what I accomplished this past week. I did finish Quicken updates, so next week I will tackle the taxes and hopefully we will learn that we will get a nice refund (but I suspect instead that we will owe). I finished Fiona’s leg warmers earlier in the week and finished the beads on Kat’s shawl while watching Cup Qualifying Friday. Thursday was my grocery day, hitting too many stores and saving 39% on my Fry’s total, which felt good. We are now stocked up with food for a good bit, other than the usual weekly run to replenish greens and celery.
  • One of the several gifts going into Miss Munchkin’s birthday shipment is a letter writing kit. I’ve included stationary with her initial at the top, note cards, postage stamps, some of my address labels (so she can stick one on a note card and not have to write out my address), and I even special ordered return address labels with her name and address on them. I have done this in the past so that she could mail me letters and she did sometimes remember to do so. I am hopeful that now that she is older and writing more, she’ll write more frequently. Everyone loves receiving notes and cards in the mail, but I like sending them almost as much as receiving. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of sending (& receiving) letters to my cousin just about as soon as either of us could write and I remember had a French pen pal when I was in grade school. With that in mind, I also bought myself some very cute note cards when I bought Fiona’s last weekend. Would you like a card from me?

What will you do be doing this weekend?

Birthday Beads

I made these for Kat, whose birthday is tomorrow. I hope she likes them!

Tree of Life Pendant necklace

Sparkly Party Beads

I had such fun making these. I am discovering that beading is quite as satisfying as crocheting, although in a very different way. When I crochet, it is a leap of faith that the pattern and yarn colors will work together well, as I am never (even after all these years of crocheting) really able to “see” how the project will look as a finished project until it is done. The real work is the actual crocheting and there is a sense of excitement as the project begins to finish up if everything has come together as planned. With beading, I can lay out the beads, move them around, try this and that and actually tell how it will look before they are strung. All the real “work” is done in the planning and playing with how the necklace will look. The actual stringing and finishing is done in no time at all and almost a let-down in how quickly the project finishes.

I do need to set up a “bead center” in one of our spare bedrooms – I believe Bill became weary of moving bead boards and bins around the dining room table whenever he wanted to eat.

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