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Liana’s Baby Blanket

I was looking through my back postings for crochet projects and realized that I never posted any pictures of the baby blanket I made for our newest granddaughter, Liana Rose Gibson.
So, here you go!

The pattern is Bavarian Lullaby, from Learn to Do Bavarian Crochet (Annie’s Attic: Crochet).

It is a beautiful pattern, but the special stitch involved put a tremendous strain on my right index finger, holding all the loops on the hook. I ended up having to not crochet for about a month to heal that finger. So, while it looks lovely, I suspect I will not make many more using this pattern, at least not anything of this size.

I also made a few of baby doll blankets for Miss Munchkin this past spring, per her request.

A snowflake motif from Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs: 144 circles, hexagons, triangles, squares, and other unexpected shapes.

A simple ripple design.

This is a Wiggles square pattern, which was fun to make and has a very cool 3-D effect. Can you tell Miss Munchkin’s favorite color is pink?

And a crocheted brain!

This cute brain pattern came from Cornflower Blue Studio.

Miss Munchkin was a bit disappointed with the brain, as she somehow thought it was a hat, since the original pattern website shows the brain sitting on a head. I might have to try to “attach” the brain to a hat for her, although she tells me now that she no longer likes wearing hats. Go figure!

Crocheting Update – Afghans and Placemats

As usual, I have been busily crocheting. This year I only had one graduation afghan to make. I chose the color scheme from one afghan and used it with Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Estell Manor Pattern Number 90317.

If you don’t get the sides really straight, it can give you a very odd wavering sensation!

I was really pleased with the color combination.

Also completed are some placemats in a shell design. The kit (from Herrschnerr’s) came with cotton yarn for two cream colored placemats.

liked them so much that I bought more cotton yarn in Seaside Stripes.

It looks like this placemat sat in the sun too long, doesn’t it? It used to be that you had to worry about dye lots when buying yarn, but the manufacturers don’t even give you that information anymore and it is rarely an issue. This time, though, it obviously was. I didn’t notice the change in intensity of color until I was almost done with this placemat. I still like it, though. I am thinking of making some smaller “doily” type mats with this colored cotton yarn to place under my plants that sit on the dining room table.

These placemats are really fun and quick to make, so I will definitely keep this pattern in mind for wedding and housewarming gifts.

I also whipped off another baby blanket for Liana, finishing it just in time to take to her last month.

Whenever I am in doubt as to what pattern to use for a baby blanket, or simply want one that will work up quickly, I turn to a pattern I found years ago on Bev’s Country Cottage.

I will be making a few more placemats and then I am going to switch to thread for the rest of the summer and make a few doilies. One can never have too many doilies! I also need to work on some small Christmas ornaments. The presence of the Christmas tree still in the living room (it’s small, a table-top tree) continually reminds me that I planned to work on Christmas items over the summer!

More Crochet Heart Jewelry

I have so many crocheted jewelry ideas tumbling around in my head, yet when I go to make them, I either don’t have the type of yarn I need or it just doesn’t work out quite like I thought it would. It is a bit frustrating, but fun at the same time. Here is what I made Saturday:

The earrings on the right are made with size 2 yarn, as are the hearts on the necklace. It works well for a pendant, but is too big for earrings. I really need to get some size 1 yarn. The earrings pictured in the circle of the necklace were made with size 10 thread, which seems to be about the right size. I tried a lot of different things with beads until I settled on just the two at the bottom of each heart. My beads are too big for the size yarn, yet too small for the needle I have; I had to thread them by hand, which was not fun!

I wore these out to dinner Saturday night (the necklace and the beaded earrings) and my two female friends immediately commented favorably on them. Now whether they are just humoring me or not, I don’t know!

I have one last row to finish on granddaughter Liana’s baby blanket, so watch for a picture of that in the next few days. And then Munchkin has requested baby doll blankets to cover her baby when she is riding in the stroller. All the blankets she has are too big and hang over the edge. We can’t have that, can we?! Munchkin helped pick out the color of yarn from my stash on Friday (Skype on a laptop is so wonderful!), so as soon as I finish Liana’s baby blanket, I’ll whip up a couple of Munchkin baby doll blankets.

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