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Back again, hopefully!

Goodness, has it really been a month and a half since my last post? I certainly didn’t intend that. I seem to do things all or nothing and February was my month for catching up on the financial records and getting taxes filed, which I accomplished! It is such a nice feeling, having them done early and knowing, for the good or bad, what the results were. Thankfully this year it was good results, with a nice refund, which I sort of was hoping for what with our moving expenses, job search expenses, and college expenses. Next year might be a different story!

Other than that, I think I’ve been hibernating, waiting for the weather to warm up! December, January, February, even the first half of March have been cold, a lot of cloudy days, and a lot of wind. Tucson reported their fourth wettest January/February period in over 100 years. Wouldn’t you know it? It seems like we always move somewhere when they are having a non-normal year. But today is sunny and gorgeous, if still a bit chilly from the wind. The temperature may reach 70, but that wind blowing down from the snow-capped mountain is still cold!

My main project these last few days has been hanging pictures in the living room. I have so many digital pictures filed here and there on my computer, but so few actual prints. So I’ve been ordering some prints, buying some frames, and getting some memories off the computer and onto the walls! I decided the living room would be full of my pictures, only pictures that I had taken, other than the one picture that my Grammy painted that I hung when we first moved in. So far I have the west wall completely done.

West Wall

I know you can’t see what the pictures are, but I wanted to show the full effect between the two windows the edge that wall.

The center picture was taken at Fort Lauderdale.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Two of the four pictures surrounding that are Arizona pictures from one of our exploration drives last November.

Arizona sky

Arizona cactus

One other is St. George Island in Florida.

St George Island, Florida

The last is Sanibel Island Beach in Florida.

Sanibel Island Beach

And the outside two were taken at Watkins Glen State Park in New York.

Watkins Glen State Park, NY

Watkins Glen State Park, NY

I am quite pleased with how the arrangement turned out and want to give a special “thank you” to my mom for her long-distance assistance!

The Blimp Is Back!

Our blimp is back, but the mountain seems to be gone! No worry, it’s just behind all the white fog!

The blimp is back!

The blimp is a radar device used by the Border Patrol, watching for low-flying drug-running planes coming over the border. The high winds in early December knocked it out of commission and today is the first day I have seen it back in the air. It makes for a nice landmark when you are traveling the area, as it can be seen for miles and miles. Just head for the blimp at the end of the day and you will find home.

Last of the Chiricahua pictures

Here are a final few pictures, mostly taken going back down Bonita Canyon Drive. Since there were so few places to pull off and take pictures, some here will have guard rails and shadows of the car as I took them from inside the car. Amazing I could hold the camera while also maintaining a death grip on the armrest!

Upper Bonita Canyon Drive

Upper Bonita Canyon Drive

more of upper Bonita Canyon Drive

More of the top portion of Bonita Canyon Drive

Bonita Canyon Drive

rock formation

Rock formation along Bonita Canyon Drive

rock formations

More balanced rock formation.

Pinnacle Rock

Pinnacle Rock

Of course, no trip to a National Monument is complete without visiting the Gift Shop!  It was a great gift shop, with many items I was sure Miss Munchkin would love, but as the budget was tight, I limited my purchases to two books and some postcards.  Gifts for the munchkin will have to wait for another visit, maybe when she is along with us!

Chiricahua National Monument – This us a great little book that provides the geological history of the area and the peoples who live(d) here.

I am still reading through A History of the Southwest. It’s small but jam-packed with southwest history.

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