glass of mountain dew

Isn’t it wonderful?

I know Mountain Dew is not what Stevie Wonder was singing about, but there was a time when that was how I felt about Mountain Dew. I was seriously addicted to the taste, but went cold turkey almost six years ago. I still crave it sometimes when I’m very tired or extremely stressed and yesterday was one of those days where I was both and so I succumbed. I stopped at the gas station just down the road and bought a bottle. I even waited until I got home to open it, savoring the memory of the taste.

Over the past six years I’ve occasionally stolen a swig out of someone’s bottle or even bought a bottle, drank two glugs and then poured the rest down the drain, just to have a taste. There are days that the taste of Mountain Dew is all I can think of! But yesterday I discovered that the taste had changed … the first sip was not as delicious as my memory told me it should be. I drank another gulp, just to see. Nope. Either the formula has changed or my taste buds have changed. I poured the remainder down the drain. I wonder if my memory will let go of my addiction now, as my taste buds so obviously have?