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Loaded With Cones – 365 – 151

While walking in the neighborhood yesterday, I passed two trees that were simply loaded with cones. Unfortunately, the pictures don’t really show it, although if you look towards the very top of this picture, right near the sun, you can see how many cones there are in that section. Trust me, the whole tree looks that way!

The second tree had much larger cones, but was just as full.

Happy Memorial Day – 365 – 150

I hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day Weekend. I took this picture of our neighbor’s house yesterday. Flags were flying everywhere in our neighborhood and I’m sure in yours too.

For me, Memorial Day brings fond memories of visiting the graves of my Hayes relatives with my mom, placing flowers and cleaning up the tombstones. One of the many things I wish I was still able to do, but it is difficult to visit graves in New York when you live in Arizona! I don’t know who will take over that job when my mom’s generation is gone … so few from my generation still live in the area.

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