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The Last Day of Fall

We had a nice rain last night and when I was walking Penny this morning, my first thought was, “Ah, it’s springtime!” The rain had freshened the air, birds were chirping and bushes were blooming. The lawn maintenance crew was firing up their weedeaters and lawn mowers. It felt just like spring in the Finger Lakes. Oh, wait, check the calendar! It’s the last day of fall in Tallahassee! We haven’t even had winter yet!

flowering bush What is this bush that began blooming in October and is STILL blooming in December?

It is interesting that after spending over twelve years living in the southeast, I still expect it to be cold in the evening when I go outside, no matter what time of year. And that I am still amazed when we have sunny seventy degree days during the winter. But then, that is exactly why I moved south.

Since this is the last day of Fall, that must mean that tomorrow is the first day of Winter and is also David’s birthday! He will be twenty years old! Unbelievable. He was my miracle baby, the one who seemed in a hurry to be born. Or maybe he just wanted his birthday around Halloween instead of Christmas. Either way, he was the reason for a great deal of worry and prayers twenty years ago. (Since his birthday is three days before Christmas, it is obvious that the worry and prayers worked!). Unfortunately, I do not think David has ever been in a hurry since then! He must have gotten it all out of his system before he was even born.

I do not have a current picture of David. This one was taken over a year ago. David

We will be celebrating David’s birthday today with presents and dinner out. Rumor is that dinner will be a Japanese Steak House, if reservations can be made at this late date. The reason for celebrating early is that tomorrow will be a travel day, driving to Atlanta to spent the weekend with my side of the family, who is all congregating at my brother’s house in Douglasville, just west of Atlanta. Sunday afternoon will be a busy, noisy, chaotic mass of people who last saw each other when we were all at the hospital awaiting the outcome of my dad’s by-pass heart surgery. Dad is doing great and we are all looking forward to getting together! I plan to take a lot of pictures!

Crazy Weather

The phrase “The air that you wear” usually refers to humidity here in the South. But every morning last week it meant fog. It would roll in sometime after midnight and hang around till 9 or later, until the sun burnt it off. Friday the fog was so low that I could feel it hitting my face while I was walking Penny.

These pictures were taken around 8:30 a.m. on Friday.

Looking south … foggy pond
… and looking north foggy pond
foggy spider web A spider web

bird close up
A birdie, just for Miss Munchkin

Today, though, I wish we had fog! It is cold! Forty degrees and a north wind blowing. Penny and I did not linger outside on our morning walk. I brought all my plants in off the balcony yesterday and since it is forecast to go back below freezing again for the next two nights, I will have to leave them inside for a few days. Hopefully by the end of the week they can go back outside. But hey, I am definitely not complaining, because at least there is no snow!!!I took a better picture of our Christmas tree. The previous ones did not show up very well.
Christmas tree

Tis Cold!

Brrr! I had to dig out my winter coat this morning to walk Penny. It was 41 with a cold wind blowing. I wish I had had some mittens to wear. And this is the morning that Charles got up early and went out to throw some hoops! He is crazy! But he wants me to take him job hunting today, so maybe crazy is a good thing! First on the agenda, though, is a hair cut. Maybe I should take a picture of how long his hair has gotten in case he ever thinks about growing it long again. He has not had a hair cut in over a year!

I came across this fun vocabulary site today. Free Rice. “For each word you get right, we donate 20 grains of rice through the United Nations to help end world hunger.” That is a quote from the site. I do not see advertising on it, but the site states that is how they pay for the rice. The vocabulary words are quite challenging and adjust to your level, up or down, as needed. I spent a few minutes on it this morning and found many words that I could make educated guesses on and some that completely stumped me. There is a setting you can make on the site so that it will keep track of your vocabulary level and the amount of rice you have “donated” from visit to visit. Right now my vocab level is at 41, with my best being 46, and I have donated 1180 grains of rice. Try it out!

Is anyone watching the Sci-Fi miniseries Tin Man this week? Way cool! I always loved The Wizard of Oz but this is a much more grown up adaptation of Frank L. Baum’s novels. I really should put them on my “to read” list.

I guess I had best get working on my Christmas cards, since it appears that I will be on the road some today. And no, I have not forgotten that I had promised to write some pithier posts here this month. I am mulling over a couple of different ones concerning unschooling, and also an addendum to my Joy post earlier this month, so stay tuned.

Happy Birthday to my step-father George in sunny south Arizona. Hope you have a great day, George!

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