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The Beach

Two weeks ago today I was at the beach. Alligator Point, Bald Point State Park, in Franklin County, Florida

I haven’t been to the Gulf Coast (or any ocean beach) since we moved away from Tallahassee in September, 2009.

It was Glorious.

Alligator Point Beach

Walking in one direction, it was all blue skies and sunshine.

Bald Point State Park

Turning around to go back, it was suddenly foggy, very spooky looking. The fog was so thick at times that you could see it hitting your glasses!

Foggy Gulf Coast

And then the fog was everywhere.

Franklin County Florida beach

I spent the day with my lovely granddaughter, Fiona, who I believe enjoyed the beach as much as I did. Possibly more so, as she was willing to wade in and get wet!

A beach lover

Fun at Bald Point State Park

We spent most of the day together, shopping at Hobby Lobby, grabbing drinks at Starbucks, and picked up some subs to eat lunch at the beach. While at the beach, we walked 3 miles and picked up many shells that we later divided between us.

Grandmother and Grandchild

It was truly one of the best days of my life.

The Last Day of Fall

We had a nice rain last night and when I was walking Penny this morning, my first thought was, “Ah, it’s springtime!” The rain had freshened the air, birds were chirping and bushes were blooming. The lawn maintenance crew was firing up their weedeaters and lawn mowers. It felt just like spring in the Finger Lakes. Oh, wait, check the calendar! It’s the last day of fall in Tallahassee! We haven’t even had winter yet!

flowering bush What is this bush that began blooming in October and is STILL blooming in December?

It is interesting that after spending over twelve years living in the southeast, I still expect it to be cold in the evening when I go outside, no matter what time of year. And that I am still amazed when we have sunny seventy degree days during the winter. But then, that is exactly why I moved south.

Since this is the last day of Fall, that must mean that tomorrow is the first day of Winter and is also David’s birthday! He will be twenty years old! Unbelievable. He was my miracle baby, the one who seemed in a hurry to be born. Or maybe he just wanted his birthday around Halloween instead of Christmas. Either way, he was the reason for a great deal of worry and prayers twenty years ago. (Since his birthday is three days before Christmas, it is obvious that the worry and prayers worked!). Unfortunately, I do not think David has ever been in a hurry since then! He must have gotten it all out of his system before he was even born.

I do not have a current picture of David. This one was taken over a year ago. David

We will be celebrating David’s birthday today with presents and dinner out. Rumor is that dinner will be a Japanese Steak House, if reservations can be made at this late date. The reason for celebrating early is that tomorrow will be a travel day, driving to Atlanta to spent the weekend with my side of the family, who is all congregating at my brother’s house in Douglasville, just west of Atlanta. Sunday afternoon will be a busy, noisy, chaotic mass of people who last saw each other when we were all at the hospital awaiting the outcome of my dad’s by-pass heart surgery. Dad is doing great and we are all looking forward to getting together! I plan to take a lot of pictures!

Ninety Days until the Daytona 500

February 17, 2008 will be the 50th running of the Daytona 500 and the beginning of the 2008 NASCAR Sprint Cup season. Only 90 days away!

Yesterday’s race was just a bit disappointing. Sure, Jimmie Johnson had a great season and probably deserved to win. But as a Jeff Gordon fan, I was just waiting for a wheel to fall off of Johnson’s car or some other benign mechanical failure that would cause him to drop low enough in the points to let Gordon win. Didn’t happen. What a season Gordon had, though! Makes one anticipate next year all the more!

And poor Little E. Could anything more have gone wrong this season than did? You almost feel he’s like Pigpen from the Peanuts cartoons, with his own personal dust cloud following him everywhere.

I saw advertisements yesterday for Daytona 500 tickets. Daytona is an easy drive from Tallahassee. I wonder how much the tickets cost?

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