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Waco Winter Festival

We spent the weekend in Waco, Texas, at the 7th Annual Waco Winter Festival, a square dance festival.  There were six national callers present and we had a great time dancing.  We will definitely plan to go back next January for the 8th Annual dance.

Here we are, all dressed up for the Saturday night dance.

Long Weekend to Show Low Arizona

Bill & I took a long weekend and traveled to Show Low, Arizona. In the past we’ve had someone come in and check on our cat and turn the evaporative cooling system on for a bit while we were gone. We have never felt comfortable leaving the system running with windows open, which is how it works best. But Bill thought of a way to fix that problem – he built some wooden air vents!

There are two of them in different windows. They lock and there are “stoppers” at the top of the window so the window cannot be slid up any further. Safe, effective, and best of all, the house was nice and cool when we got home. And no dead cat from the heat! I say that tongue in cheek because the last time we went away for an overnight and came home to a very hot house, the cat immediately wanted to go out into the garage, where it was even hotter! And then she lay prone on the hot concrete floor for quite a long period of time. I think we are the ones who like the cooler house, not Copper!

Thursday evening, while we were getting things ready to leave the next morning, I discovered (and killed) another scorpion in the garage. It freaked me out, as you might imagine, and I did not sleep well at all that night. Before we left Friday morning, I had Bill seal up the door that goes from the garage to the house.

I knew the “Hello Kitty” packing tape would come in handy for something!

The reason for our trip was to attend the Cool Mountain Fling, a square dance festival hosted by the White Mountain Square Dance Club, The Rim Rompers. This is the third year we have made the trek north for this festival weekend. It was nice to get away and not think about scorpions or work or anything else that has been weighing us down recently.

Mostly, though, this is why we make the over seven hundred mile round trip in three days:

Aren’t they beautiful??? As we drove up and away from the Salt River Canyon and the pine trees began to appear, taller and taller, I could feel something deep inside me begin to relax. That happens every time I travel to where there are tall, green trees and abundant water. It’s as if my soul can finally breathe freely again.

Organizing The Vanity

Yesterday I crossed one big item off of my “to do” list, something that has been there since Christmas: cleaning off the vanity and organizing my jewelry. I knew it would be a big job, and I was right. This is how it looked before I started at 9:30:

Notice the booklets on the right front corner of the vanity. The bottom booklet is from a dance weekend that Bill & I travelled to last July! I think maybe this cleanup has been needed for a lot longer than just since Christmas!

By 11:00 the vanity looked like this:

Isn’t it lovely?

This vanity belonged to Bill’s mom and she gave it to Kat when we moved from New York back in 1995. Kat used it for several years, but then she asked me to hang on to it for her until she asked for it back. I have been happy to do so and will miss it when she decides she has a place for it again.

If you look into the mirror, you’ll see a reflection of the dresser that Bill & I share. A bit of a mess also, isn’t it?

Are you ready for the transformation?

Here it is at 12:30, finished:

The jewelry boxes are organized and full; I think there is one small compartment left empty. My Contentment necklace drapes over top of the mirror and there are abundant flowers. I love it!

I had originally purchased the corkboards to hang necklaces and earrings from, but changed my mind after I purchased the larger jewelry box last week. That provided me with plenty of room for necklaces. Instead I am going to use them to hang mementoes, pictures, and sundry other items. Right now I have several crocheted hearts, my corsage from Charles & Rebecca’s wedding, and an Unschooling bumper sticker that I love.

I need to find some double-sided tape for the flowers; they are stuck on with straight pins for the time being.

So many treasures.

The small wooden box on the left belonged to Bill’s mother and has the initials of her mother (L.A.C.) inscribed on the inside. The little blue pot in the back is a Navajo pot, a memento from the trip we took to the Grand Canyon in 2002 with the kids. The large flat wooden jewelry box was a gift from my sister-in-law, custom made by one of her brothers-in-law.

On top of the jewelry box is a Navajo woven basket with lid, another memento of our 2002 Grand Canyon trip. The small container in front of the jewelry box was an heirloom from Bill’s mom.

The only part of the organization job that is not finished is my earrings. Currently they are all thrown into a baking dish!

I knew when I purchased the jewelry box last week that the earring holder section was not nearly big enough. I’ve looked at several earring “trees” and never really found anything I liked. So I did another search on Amazon and found this

which I promptly ordered. I will let you know how it works out!

Since I was on a roll, I decided to keep on cleaning and tackle the dresser that you saw earlier in the mirror reflection. It looks so much better now!

I finally finished at 1:30, more than ready to take a break and eat some lunch! Four hours – I knew it was going to be a time-consuming job. It felt great this morning when I opened my “to do” list and was able to cross it off, finally! And it feels even better every time I walk into the bedroom and see how pretty it looks!

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