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Monday Morning Walk May 16 – 365 – 136

Monday morning was glorious. Blue sky, warm sun, gentle breeze; you couldn’t have asked for a nicer morning in which to walk.

cactus bloom

May is my favorite month here in southeast Arizona. The days finally warm up to the 80s, vegetation gets green, and everything blooms. Here is another variety of cactus in blossom.

mulberry tree

Mulberries above!

mulberries on the sidewalk

Mulberries below!

mesquite tree

A mesquite tree ready to drop pollen.


Pretty gold flowers.


For my Wild About Ants fellow blogger.


The wash that divides our neighborhood from the one to the south. During the monsoons, this actually has water in it at times!


You can see from the size of the drainage hole that a fair amount of water is expected. There is also a hiking trail that begins up towards the top right of the picture. You can hike through the wash area down to the next major street. We have hiked it a couple of times, but so many people use it with their dogs and also horses that you really have to watch where you walk.

Huachuca Mountains

Looking south towards the Huachuca Mountains.

Huachuca Mountains

And panning slight to the right, from south to southwest, looking at the Huachuca Mountains. The view of these mountains is something that I will definitely miss when we move away.

Monday Morning Walk May 9 – 365 – 129

It was a short walk this morning, due to it being so windy, but I found several things to take pictures of!

mimosa tree

Our mimosa tree in the front yard is beginning to show signs of growth, even after the radical trim job it received in March.

cactus blossoms

A cactus whose blossoms look just like rose buds!

American flag

See how the flag stands straight out? Did I mention it was windy?


Blossoms that look like snapdragons but are on a tree!

tree in bloom

The tree with snapdragon-like blossoms.

Ocotillo cactus in bloom

An Ocotillo Cactus in bloom.

Ocotillo cactus blossoms

Orange-colored flame-like flowers on the tips of the ocotillo cactus limbs. Notice the blimp in the background.

Huachuca Mountains

The Huachuca Mountains. Notice the lighter green showing towards the top? That appeared a couple of weeks ago, a very bright green. I suspect that is new leaf growth on trees, contrasting with the darker green/brown of the cedars that grow on the mountain.

flowering bush

A pretty blossoming bush that is very common here, but I don’t have a clue what it is called.

flower garden

A lovely display of flowers in a front yard, highlighted by an iris in the background. There are not many irises growing around here, but every now and then you see a few.


And one last flowering something … these grow all over the place and I’ve seen them in Florida also. They must like sandy soil and not care whether it is wet or dry.

Monday Morning Walk – Prickly Things – 365 – 108

I took just a short walk this morning, more to stretch my legs than to take pictures for the blog. But I still found some interesting things to share. Spring is in full-bloom here and the sun is fast warming up the days. When I heading out to walk, the temperature was just 60 degrees, so I grabbed a jacket, but I needn’t have bothered. Before I even got around the corner I was peeling the jacket off and tying it around my waist. The sun is warm!


The first prickly things I saw were cactus shooting up new growth.




This was one of the cacti that suffered so during our February zero snap. This particular cactus was trimmed to nearly the base after it froze. It does appear like it will survive just fine, if slightly smaller for a while.


This cactus was not trimmed and shows no evidence of new growth. Would it have done so if it had been trimmed? Or did it just get froze more solidly?


Some lovely blooms getting ready to pop!


Roses are very popular in this area; you’ll find them in all shapes, sizes and colors.





Spring has sprung!

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