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Brown Fire

Living in Arizona is so very exciting! We have another wildfire, dubbed the Brown Fire. It began yesterday afternoon (04/13/2014).

I took this yesterday evening, standing just outside my front door looking west.

Brown Wildfire

Brown Wildfire, taken 04/13/2014 early evening.

This morning I walked to the main thoroughfare outside of our subdivision and took this picture (6:45 a.m.).

Brown Wildfire

Brown Wildfire, 04/14/2014, early morning.

And this picture was taken outside my front door about 1:00 p.m.

Brown Wildfire

Brown Wildfire, 04/14/2014, early afternoon.

Here’s the InciWeb link for Brown Fire: InciWeb is a great place to keep updated on the progress of fighting the fire, although for the best information, Facebook is THE place to be!

I haven’t begun packing …. Yet!

Weekly Overview March 24, 2014

Ironwood Tree

Ironwood Tree

Outside My Window… the ironwood tree has leaves! Spring has sprung here in southeast Arizona.

I am thinking… about my new crochet project, a granny square baby afghan using the leftover yarn from Liana’s birthday blanket kit.

I am thankful for… seeing zero scorpions in the last two weeks.

From the kitchen… breakfast dishes are in the sink, hummus and carrot/celery sticks are on the counter and salad sprouts are slowly sprouting.

I am hoping… Nashville would be lovely, I’d even take Dallas at this point.

I am reading… The Fitzgeralds and the Kennedys, An American Saga by Doris Kearns Goodwin.

I am busy creating… the baby blanket I mentioned earlier.

I am hearing… the hum of various computers, the washing machine spinning, the floor fan blowing cool air into the office and the house air conditioner. It all seems a bit too much this morning.

Around the house & garden… I already tackled the Monday vacuuming, litter box cleaning and trash removal so I’m all ready for the trash pickup tomorrow. I still haven’t gotten back to cleaning either the front or back yard since earlier this month and I probably won’t this week either. I want to pick up some snapdragons to put into the flower beds in the backyard, just because.

Moon Rise

Moon Rise over the San Pedro Valley

In other news… The weekend was fairly productive, as I finished Liana’s baby blanket. Bill spent time studying and doing a bit of picking up in his half of the office. I finished our taxes last Thursday, but will be going over them again a couple of more times early this week, just to make sure, and then get them filed by the end of the week, since we are owed a refund, which is a nice change!

One of my favorite things… book stores. I spent over an hour at a Barnes & Noble book store Friday afternoon while Bill was taking a certification test. I bought something for my mom, for Liana, and even a book for myself!

Weekly Overview… Pest Control will be here tomorrow morning. I already picked up most of the week’s groceries last night, so maybe just a quick run later in the week to the co-op for some fresh produce. I will be looking over and then filing our taxes and then work a bit on Quicken, as I got a bit behind when I was sick the week before last. The plan is to get all the financial stuff out of the way this week and then be able to pick back up on my website in April. I also need to get Liana’s blanket washed and blocked and the same with Kat’s purple shawl.

Tuesday Blanket and Taxes Update

Horse & Ribbons crocheted blanket

Liana’s Birthday Blanket progress

I am making excellent progress on Liana’s Birthday blanket. If I can keep up this pace, I could have it done before the end of the month! That would be wonderful.

I spoke too soon about the scorpions yesterday … another rather large one was on the sticky pads in the garage this morning.

Taxes were begun yesterday. I ran into a bit of snag early on with my reports from Quicken for the business and had to wait for Bill to come home and see what the issue was. I spent about an hour trying to figure it out before he got home and we spent another hour together working on it and finally decided it is a Quicken error. When you run single year Balance Sheet reports, there’s a running balance showing in the Accounts Receivables (Customer Invoices), but when you run a Balance Sheet for the entire life cycle of the business, or any other reports that show Receivables, there’s a zero balance, which is what it should be. Obviously a Quicken error, and it was driving me crazy, but glad to figure out that it wasn’t anything I had entered or set up incorrectly.

More taxes this afternoon, more cross stitching this evening!

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