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3 Quick Thoughts on Saturday, February 11, 2017

Since I didn’t get this done last weekend, I’m repeating it this weekend!  My main goal this weekend is to take down most of the Christmas decorations – the tree and my Santa collection.  I’m going to leave up the floral décor until the end of February.  By then I’ll be ready to bring out the spring flowers.

I did get a good start on Quicken this past week, so I feel confident I can get it caught up and be ready for taxes by the end of the month, barring any unforeseen emergencies.

I can already tell that my Master Gardener experience is going to take up more time than I anticipated.  Multiple emails this week about multiple volunteering options – it’s easy to see why so much is going on right now – it’s getting close to springtime and that’s when gardening opportunities come alive.  A required mini-field trip that we have to take outside of class and make a presentation on the last day of class (in May).  All in addition to the weekly class and weekly class assignments / quizzes.  This week has flown by!

Just a Moment – Thirty-Three

I’ve been super busy this week, trying to get things done so I can spend two weeks away from home. I just realized I had not posted much, so here’s a Just a Moment.

Miss Wiggles modeling one of the Granny Slouch Hats I made for her.  They match the Little Sophia poncho I made for her for Christmas.



I’m glad they fit.  It’s always a toss-up whether I’m making the right size without being able to measure the head.

Thanks to for the Child Size Granny Slouch Hat pattern.

Just a Moment – Thirty-Two

I’ve been wearing a new pair of earrings this week…

… and ear muffs while walking, because it’s been so danged cold!

And this is the last of the Christmas posts.  I saw this on a neighbor’s garage door while walking on Tuesday.  I love it!

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