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March 2018 Goals

March is a longer month than February, there will be no traveling (at least none planned right now), and my goals list is much smaller.  I’m looking forward to seeing more GREEN in the March Goals Wrap-up post.

Goals are listed in order of relative importance.

  • Catch up Quicken enough to be able complete 2017 taxes
  • Work towards finishing the auction/probate legal stuff on my dad’s estate
  • Complete DCMGA Newsletter for April 2 publication date
  • Continue regular blogging here on Musings, Mischief, and Mayhem
  • Start crocheting wedding blanket for a cousin
  • Continue walking / exercising
  • 100% ETL and continued weight loss
  • Clean up the yard & gardens as weather permits
  • Come up with an outline of gardening projects and timelines for 2018
  • Decide on paint color for new bonus room wall – inside and outside –and what mural/photo will be hung on the hallway side

I am participating in a group 31 Day Challenge following the 6 Week Plan for Aggressive Weight Loss described in Chapter 8 of the Eat to Live Book by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, which means:


  • all raw vegetables (goal: 1 lb. daily) cooked green and non-green nutrient-rich vegetables (goal: 1 lb. daily)
  • beans, legumes, bean sprouts, and tofu (goal: 1 cup daily)
  • fresh fruits (at least 4 daily)


  • 1 serving or 1 cup daily of cooked starchy vegetables or whole grains which include: butternut & acorn squash, corn, white & sweet potatoes, bread, cereal
  • 1 oz. max. daily of raw nuts and seeds
  • 2 oz. max. daily avocado
  • 2 tbsp max. daily dried fruit
  • 1 tbsp. max. ground flaxseeds


  • dairy products
  • animal products
  • fruit juice
  • oils
  • between-meal snacks

It’s a very strict group challenge – if you flub up once, you are supposed to remove yourself quietly from the group.  The no caffeine part will be most difficult; it means not even my Sweet & Spicy tea.  But, I pretty much successfully followed this plan through most of February and I’m sure I can manage 31 days!  I’m really serious about “releasing” more weight and this is the way that works best for me.

Wish me luck!

Super Busy

I’ve been super busy this month with Master Gardener activities and it’s not going to let up for the next 6 – 8 weeks.  I had two meetings today in Denton, so I stayed in town over lunch and ate tried a new place to eat, The Bowllery.

I tried the Denton Bowl and an Almond Mocha smoothie, both delicious and both completely vegan.  I’m going to have to take David there, as I know he will like it.



Their salt & pepper shakers have small figures in them that appear as you use up the salt or pepper.  Very cute!


After my meetings, I took a little time to check out the Bayless-Selby House, which is where my group has a tour scheduled on April 19th for our Master Gardener Mini-Tour.  The people in charge of the house told us that the gardens would be best that week, but I thought they were gorgeous right now, so I took a lot of pictures.  And they have a whole field of bluebonnets!



Weekly Overview 03.06.17

Outside My Window… the wind is blowing all the Bradford pear blossoms off the tree.

I am thinking… that outside work planned for this afternoon will have to wait until Thursday, due to the wind. Raking leaves and spraying water doesn’t work very well when it’s windy.

I am thankful for… energy & focus this morning, even with only four hours of sleep last night.

From the kitchen… mashed avocado is thawing so I can make the creamy avocado salad dressing that I’ve been thinking about since last night, when I couldn’t sleep!

I am hoping… that the sunny weather promised for Wednesday holds, as having a tulip farm tour would not be nearly as much fun in the rain.

I am reading… 

  • The Wilderness Warrior: Theodore Roosevelt and the Crusade for America, 1858-1919 by Douglas Brinkley
  • The Horse Whisperer by Nicholas Evans for the 100 Bestsellers List challenge
  • Three Sisters, Three Queens (The Plantagenet and Tudor Novels #8) by Philippa Gregory

I am busy creating… a Rippling Waves afghan for a niece.

I am hearing… “Manana” by Jimmy Buffet on Pandora

Around the house & garden… We put up curtain rods over the archways between the front hallway and the office. Curtains have been ordered (brick red) but in the meantime we’re using the teal curtains from upstairs. Bill plans on have several late night sessions of work in the next few weeks and we’re hoping this will allow David & I to sleep while he is working.

In other news… I decided to quit my job as remote admin to HelpUBuy America. It was an interesting job, but the amount of pay I was making wasn’t really the aggravation of having to keep watching my email continually. Plus, I can see that Master Gardener program is going to keep me busy and will be something that I can enjoy AND also meet people. Making friends would be a novel idea. February 28th was my last official day.

One of my favorite things… flowers – all sorts, shapes, and colors. I have snapdragons in blossom right now. They’ve been in the garden for two years now, wintering over and surviving through the heat of the summer. I had more, but in a fit of whatever last fall, I pulled a bunch, thinking they were not doing well and that I’d make space for some crocus bulbs. I’d forgotten that the snapdragons perk up in the early spring – and the crocus bulbs never did anything.

Our Weekly Overview… 

Monday: Bill works from home. David works. I’m doing odds and ends, knocking things off my to do list. Laundry, sweeping floors, cleaning toilets, writing blog posts, catching up my books read list and book challenge lists (which I shall post about later in the week), and food prep for lunch. I even tried a new Creamy Avocado Dressing recipe this noon for my salad – it needs a bit of modifying. Or maybe it just needed following the recipe exactly, but I didn’t have everything the recipe called for! It was pretty good, in any case, and I’ll be making it again with some slight changes.

Tuesday: Bill works from home. David has the day off (it’s the first day of his “weekend”) and he will be going to the new local coffee shop and picking up some more coffee beans, plus making his Massaman Curry to take in to the management pot luck lunch on Wednesday. I have Master Gardener class – this week we will be doing hands-on plant propagation activities.

Wednesday:Bill works from home. David has the day off (the second day of his “weekend”) and will be taking his Massaman Curry in to work for lunch. I am going on a Tulip Tour at the Texas-Tulips Farm with the Master Gardeners in the morning and then I’ll be back home in the afternoon to continue working on taxes, which I started working on last Friday.

Thursday: Bill works from home. David works. I will take Copper in early (7:45 a.m.) to the vet for her semi-annual checkup, plus dental cleaning, which means they will keep her for most of the day and call me when she’s ready to pick up. I’ll continue working on taxes and, if the weather is nice, maybe mow some more yard and clean the pool filters.

Friday:Bill works in the a.m. and has the afternoon off for a doctor’s appointment (follow-up on semi-annual bloodwork), although I’m hearing rumblings that the work schedule may mean I have to change his appointment to another day next week. Bill is scheduled to do some overnight work (overtime pay!) for a client, the window of opportunity for the work being 9 p.m. Friday – 6 a.m. Saturday. David will be working. I’ll be trying to finish up what I didn’t get done earlier in the week – hopefully that means finishing taxes – and also I’ll have MG homework and the week’s test to take.

Saturday & Sunday:Bill will be sleeping late, so I’ll be doing quiet things around the house, maybe run some errands, get groceries, etc. David will be working. I’m not sure what the weather is going to be, but it would be nice to get my greens bed cleaned up and ready to plant to flowers. Copper has been using it this winter, so I’m not going to plant greens in it until this fall. In the meantime, I think it will make a great cut flowers bed! I just have to block it off again like I did last year so Copper can’t get into it, and hope that Bill will eventually get the time to make me the screened cover he bought supplies for last fall. Sunday is race day – California, I think – so that means sleeping late, napping in front of the TV, crocheting, and just generally resting.

Here are some picture thoughts I am sharing …

I made these Butterfly Fingerless Gloves last month for Kat & Fiona. I think I’m going to make me a pair – not sure I’ll wear them in public, but they look cool and might be fun to wear while I’m working on the computer.


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