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Thursday’s Treasure – From My Garden


I picked these flowers from my gardens Tuesday, before a spring storm barreled through the area.  The bouquet has yellow snapdragons, two varieties of dianthus, a geranium blossom and a painted daisy (I think!).

It’s this Thursday’s Treasure because little bouquets of garden flowers like this one remind me of my grandmother, Mabel Austin Gibson.  She always had little vases of seasonal flowers around her house.

Granddaughter Snowflakes 2012 Edition

Last Christmas I started a new tradition of crocheting snowflakes for my granddaughters.

Here are the 2012 snowflakes, which I will be giving the granddaughters next Christmas along with their 2014 snowflakes.

2012 Granddaughter Snowflakes

Fiona 2012 Snowflakes

Granddaughter 2012 Snowflakes

Liana’s 2012 Snowflakes

I hope to continue making these throughout the coming year and get Fiona caught up (or back) to her birth year. That means I need to make six more sets of snowflakes for her. I will probably make Liana’s sets at the same time and date them for future years.

The pattern I used was Sewemup Mesa Snowflake, which I also used last December when I made these snowflakes for my niece to celebrate her first Christmas being engaged to her fiancé Alex.

Chelsea's Engagement Snowflakes

Engagement Snowflakes

You can see I embroidered their initials on one snowflake (C for Chelsea, A for Alex) and also the date of their first official Christmas together.

Sewemup Mesa Snowflake 2.5 inch snowflake

Sewemup Mesa Snowflake 2.5 inch snowflake

This same pattern makes a second snowflake by only crocheting the first three rounds.

I do need to figure out the best way to take photos of these snowflakes. It seems like I either have the shadow of my hands in the photo or the background isn’t quite right and therefore doesn’t capture the details of the snowflakes well. I think the best so far was the blue background I used on Chelsea’s Engagement snowflakes. Now to just remember what that was that I used!

Pink Leg Warmers

Miss Munchkin has a birthday coming up next month – can you believe she will be eight? No way!

Girly Leg Warmers

Pink Girly Leg Warmers

I showed her a Pinterest pin of Girly Leg Warmers and asked if those were something she would wear. Her response? “Oh yes! So cute!”

And here they are, completed with time to spare before I need to send her birthday package in the mail. I hope they fit!

I crocheted the leg warmers with Loops & Threads Charisma Baby yarn (Pink), a very soft yarn that I also used to make both Miss Munchkin and Miss Kitty ponchos Christmas 2012.

I am super pleased with them. In fact, I’m tempted to make myself a pair, albeit in a slightly different color!

If you would like to see other crochet items I have made, please visit my Crochet Items I Made Pinterest board.

And check out my Crochet Ideas For My Granddaughters Pinterest board for future project!

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