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Dallas Arboretum Flowers

As promised, here are a few (a very few!) select flower photographs from my May 4th visit to the Dallas Arboretum.

bromeliad dallas arboretum
Bromeliad growing in the rocks on the sides of a waterfall.
yellow water lilies
Water lilies in one of the many pools of water.
red and pink columbine dallas arboretum
Columbine growing in one of the shady glens.
iris dallas arboretum
Iris in the same shady glen.
iris dallas arboretum
Another beautiful iris.
pink yarrow dallas arboretum
Pink yarrow growing in the pollinator garden in the Children’s Area.
I loved all the different colors of yarrow in the children’s area and the pollinators did too!

Now that I have a membership to the Dallas Arboretum, I plan to go more often!

Dallas Arboretum Lovelies

The Dallas Arboretum is a wonderful place to visit – there is something for everyone. 

Formal Gardens

dallas arboretum formal garden
A formal garden area with delphiniums, alyssum, and zinnias.
dallas arboretum formal garden
Formal Garden

Water Features

dallas arboretum fountain
Fountain and pool near the entrance.
dallas arboretum waterfall
Waterfall with bromeliads growing out of the rocks on the sides.


rocks at bottom of water feature at dallas arboretum
Rock erosion at the bottom of a water feature.
sheet of water falling with green background
Looking through a sheet of water to the green trees beyond.


oakleaf hydrangea blossoms
Hydrangeas in bloom.
red maple leaves and seeds
Red maple leaves and seeds.

Children’s Area

The children’s section includes a garden showcasing foods we eat – cereal grains, greens, vegetables, and a pollinator area to highlight the importance of pollinators in our food cycle.

buckwheat blossoms
Buckwheat blossoms.
vegetable garden with lettuces
Food garden with lettuces.

My favorites, of course, were the flowers, which I will share with you another day.

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