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ASU Polytechnic Campus – 365 – 116

Our visit to the Arizona State University Polytechnic Campus last Friday seemed to be a productive one. David is considering returning to college to complete his Bachelor’s Degree and ASU has the degree program that he wants. Since he’s been unable to find work, it is looking like returning to college is the path to take at this time. Polytechnic specializes in Professional and Technological programs, emphasizing project and team-based learning. The professor David met with indicated that most of the students in the Digital Information Technology department work either on campus, directly for the school or through internships, or at business in town through internships, which the college helps facilitate, and that many students have their own businesses even before they graduate. The goal is to be employable upon graduation, not just come out with a degree. Sounds good! Let’s hope it is more than just a sales pitch.

The Polytechnic Campus opened in the fall of 1996 on the former Williams Air Force Base. As a new campus, it has been able to incorporate innovative and ecological designs as the campus site grows. I took a few pictures of some of these designs.

ASU Polytechnic breezeway

Two of the newest classroom buildings are connected by this open three-story breezeway. Those are Big Ass Fans at the top, keeping the air circulating.

ASU Polytechnic Campus

On the outer sides of the buildings are iron stairwells and gratings along the sides that provide shade to the building. Ivy is being encouraged to grow up these gratings, adding an additional cooling effect.

ASU Polytechnic Campus

Birds can make a mess of any campus, so they are kept away with bird sirens. Every so often, these sirens go off and make loud bird noises, supposedly scaring away real birds. The campus was remarkably free of bird droppings, so it must be working.

ASU Polytechnic Campus

The bird siren is on the top edge of the building, just above the tree.

When they built these classrooms, they kept some of the original stones and made “hedges” out of them.

ASU Polytechnic Campus

Our guides told us that these rock hedge areas provide a home for the lizards that eat scorpions and other unwanted nasties.

It was a very pretty campus, with many trees and outdoor shaded areas, which was a nice surprise.

ASU Polytechnic Campus

ASU Polytechnic Campus

I can see filling out a FAFSA form in my near future, just when I thought I was done with that process!

Back to School

David had his first day of classes in the new semester at TCC. He received a letter Saturday informing him that he made Dean’s List last semester! That is certainly a big difference from last year this time!

This semester he is taking:

  • Health (required by all students)
  • Comparative Politics
  • Home Networking (required for his major)
  • Internet (required for his major)

Since he already knows about the Internet and has had a fair bit of experience in home networking, we had best see excellent grades at the end of this semester also.

End of July Update

Can you believe it is time to wrap up July? Here are some brief thoughts, pics that didn’t get posted, and updates on various items mentioned earlier this month.

While Kat and Miss Munchkin were here two weekends ago, we visited the beach. I did not think to check for beach advisories before we left, so we were rather disappointed to discover one when we got there. That meant no swimming. It was hot and sticky and there was no breeze and it was not much fun if you couldn’t get into the water. Miss Munchkin played some with her sand and shovel and chased some birds, but we did not stay very long. Next time Grandma will remember to check online for advisories.

I keep telling her Mommy that she needs a haircut!

Penny Update – I took Penny back to the vet on the 23rd for a follow-up. She was doing better and then she wasn’t, so the vet decided to do an x-ray to see if she had any kidney stones. Good news: no stones. (Bad news: wasted money on an x-ray!) The vet decided that she likely has a leakage problem that is fairly common with spayed females of her age and size. So she is now on a twice-daily dose of something to prevent bladder leakage. It does seem to be working, which is good news for my carpets! Now to retrieve my rug cleaner when I go back to Alabama next month.

We had a lot of rain yesterday, maybe close to two inches. The pond in the apartment complex is much higher this morning and Mr. Alligator is having fun cruising around. He seems to be enjoying the higher water level. And I notice this morning that the bird that has been fishing around the pond the last week was now staying out of the water, just fishing from the stone bank. Maybe Mr. Bird is more concerned about Mr. Alligator now that Mr. Alligator is getting around the pond more quickly? I don’t know what the bird is, maybe a heron or egret. I will try to get a pic tomorrow.

The boys signed up for Kenpo Karate last week. Now they just need to get into a routine again, hopefully one that will not involve me doing all the driving! With David as a driver now, it would seem like I should be able to stay at home when they go.

David’s Freshman English class ends next week. It appears that he is doing well in it, perhaps even a B average. That would be great, compared to how he did last year at Evansville. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

And I think that is it for the updates! Tomorrow is August 1st. That is my Grammy’s birthday, or would have been if she were still alive. I should make molasses cookies in her memory; she always made the most delicious molasses cookies! I wonder if I have her recipe with me or if it is packed away back in Alabama?

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