I’m a little late with my June Goals Wrap-up. June was a busy month!

Green = Successful, Purple = Partially successful, Red = Not accomplished at all.

  • Surviving Jr Master Naturalist camp (every morning) the first week of June (I even had fun!!)
  • Keep Quicken caught up for 2018
  • Prepare for house guests later in June, including putting away yarn and Christmas boxes in the guest room
  • Plan some fun outings for the last two weeks of June while Kat, Fiona, Freddy, and Blackie are visiting – they were only here for one week and it was so very hot, they didn’t want to do anything
  • Work towards finishing the auction/probate legal stuff on my dad’s estate
  • Complete DCMGA Newsletter for July 2nd publication date
  • Continue regular blogging here on Musings, Mischief, and Mayhem
  • Continue walking / exercising – more swimming & yard work than walking
  • 100% ETL and continued weight loss – I have a major weight goal to reach by June 17th – I did make my goal, briefly, and then bounced back up a couple of pounds. This seems to be my normal pattern. Then it takes another 2-3 weeks to get back down to that goal weight, and then I can begin losing more. Odd, but that seems to be what happens every time.
  • Set up the plant terrarium for my begonia cuttings/rootings
  • Finish one picture project – the one for Mom’s very belated Mother’s Day gift
  • Decide on paint color for new inside wall of the bonus room with help from Kat & Fiona

Time to set some July goals!!