When I went looking for my April Goals post to write this wrap-up, I discovered I never wrote one!  Early April was a stressful time, as I scurried to finish catching up 2017 Quicken accounts and then get the taxes done in time.  Hopefully we won’t repeat that next year!

Since there were no April goals, I’ll just list the things that were accomplished and then move on to writing May’s goals.

Quicken was caught up to date in early April

Taxes done and filed

Talked with the lawyer about my Dad’s estate

The DCMGA first newsletter went out on April 2 and was very well received

5 blog posts in April – I could do better

60th birthday afghan was shipped to the cousin with the May birthday

Wedding afghan for the cousin getting married in June is done and ready to ship

New afghan project well underway – not sure yet who it is for

Not much walking/biking was done, but a lot of yard/garden work that was quite strenuous

Yard cleaned up

Several garden beds were cleaned up and plants added, while two new beds are set up and awaiting soil.

The 7 rain barrels are all set up and hooked together.  We’re waiting on the gutter guy to come back and fix the downspouts.  There are still two flowerbeds that need dripline installed, and we’re also working on a way to install dripline into the veggie bed.

I left the 100% ETL challenge early on – discovered that having to comply 100% and report to someone every day triggered my contrarian side and sabotaged me the very first day.  As soon as I left the challenge, I had an 11 day streak of 100% compliance.  Go figure.

Weight loss has continued, with an average of 1.5 pounds per month since the first of the year.  That sounds slow, but over the course of a full year, that’s 18 pounds!    And April’s average was actually 2.0 pounds, so maybe I’m getting this figured out.

May’s DCMGA Newsletter was completed a week early, which felt awesome.  It gave me plenty of time to work the Plant Sale without any worries niggling away at my brain.

How was your April?