Thursday’s Treasure – Crochet Cases

I have so many crochet hooks that I use two cases to hold them all.  The solid blue one was a gift from Kat & Fiona several years ago.  I can’t remember how I kept track of my hooks before they gave me the case, but it worked so well that I found myself a second one to hold the overflow.  And yes, I really do use all those different sizes.



I recently discovered the Tulip line of crochet hooks, which have a foam comfort grip.  They are extremely helpful in reducing hand fatigue when working on large projects.  I only own a couple of these hooks, but plan to acquire more in different sizes.


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  1. Roberta

    What a cool post. I never had enough different sizes of hooks to actually organize them. Maybe if you let someone know which sizes you need, some more would arrive for a certain special event coming up next month.

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