Picture Projects

I’ve had several picture projects in mind, but I never seem to actually get them done.  With that in mind, one of my goals this year is to work on one project each month until they are all complete.  Of course, I’m likely to add new projects to the list or even modify some of the existing ones, but having them written down means they are more likely to get done.

Liana K & preK pics for me & my mom, along with corresponding Fiona school pics (6th grade, 5th grade) to put into the magnetic multiple photos frame.

Idaho pictures sorted and then books customized for each person:  us, Grammy, Eric, Roger

Small frames of wildflowers to go along sidewall of my desk

Family pictures to go into one large “Love” frame above my desk

Create a picture book (or 2) of Liana’s Kindergarten pics that Rebecca has taken daily

Map of U.S. and then pics of places we’ve visited framed around it, with strings, to go on wall above open stairway, below the upper hallway

Old family pictures (dead people wall) to go on upstairs hallway

Mural or design on hallway side of bonus room

Mural or design on inner wall of bonus room

Reframe my Grammy’s birches painting

Make prints of at least one of my Grammy’s paintings/photos that were given to Roger, probably the red autumn scene

Begin working on organizing and scanning old pictures (need a new scanner?)

That’s a long list!  I don’t expect to get them all completed this year, but hopefully some will be accomplished, and when they are, I’ll be sure to post pictures here.  Stay tuned!


  1. Cee Gee

    dead people wall. LOL Fantastic goals!

    • Karen

      Well, that wasn’t my original term, but when I explained what I wanted to do to my daughter, she laughed and called it the dead people wall. I guess it’s appropriate, but maybe a nicer term would be the memorial wall.

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