Goodreads Reading Challenge 2017

Last January I set a goal on Goodreads to complete 75 books.  I ended 2017 a little short, with a total of 59 books.  I’m still happy with the total, though, as I read a number of very long books and some very challenging books.  It was a good year of reading.

If you’d like to see the books I read, you can view an infographic here:

Karen’s Journey of Books in 2017

In addition to using Goodreads to keep track of the books I read, I also have a spreadsheet that I’ve kept since 2004.  Do you track the books you read?


  1. Cee Gee

    I clicked to check out your list and it had me log in and it showed me my list, three books. 🙁 I went through my paperback bookshelves and added several books to my read list on Goodreads. I also sorted my paperbacks into read and unread. I’ve read the backs of so many that I wasn’t sure if I had read them or not. Sorting books was an unwritten goal, now done! Thanks to your blog. Congrats on all your reads!

    • Karen

      Did it take you to my list first? I hope so! I’m glad my post spurred you to complete an unwritten goal. 🙂

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