3 Quick Thoughts on Sunday, September 17, 2017

1. I’m beginning to think we should just take up residence at Lowe’s. I’ve lost track of the number of times we’ve been there this month. Today we went back, again, to get more pieces and parts in the effort to remove tree roots from the water feature of the pool AND to scope out prices and selections for a new project, closing in the bonus room. The door will need to be special ordered, so we got that sort out, just not quite ordered yet. The goal is to get the room closed in so it can be used as a bedroom for guests who are expected in November. It may not get finished as far as paint and such, but the wall up and a door to close would be great.

2. Yesterday we drove to Wichita Falls and tour the Museum of North Texas History and also the Jenny to Jet Exhibit at the Wichita Falls Municipal Airport. Interesting places to visit and a nice 2-hour drive each way.

3. Have I mentioned how much I love my zinnias lately? They are providing food to several different butterflies: Gulf fritillary, American Lady, and this morning a female Black Swallowtail. There have been others that I haven’t taken the time to identify.


  1. Roberta

    I’m going to have to see where Wichita Falls is. Obviously not in Kansas. 🙂

    I’m glad the zinnias are doing so well. If you have gulf fritillaries, you must have some passion vines in the neighborhood?

    • Karen

      Nope, not in Kansas. That always confused me too!

      Gardeners all over the DFW area have been commenting on the profusion of gulf fritillaries this year. I guess it’s quite remarkable.

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