1.  We’re watching the NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Race at Watkins Glen International in upstate New York. It’s always fun to watch this race, as it takes place about twenty miles from where we lived. The pre-race coverage always includes shots of Seneca Lake, many of the waterfalls in the area, and the town of Watkins Glen.

2.  I’m blogging right now to keep my hand busy so I won’t go find a snack to eat. I’ve been really making the effort to not snack between meals this week. To that end I started using a weekly meal plan worksheet and posting it on my refrigerator. If it’s not on my meal plan, then I don’t eat it. It’s been mostly successful and so I’ve just finished creating a new one for this week. It is also giving me the impetus to try some new recipes.

3.  Yesterday we drove north into Oklahoma and visited the Cherokee Cultural Center in Sulphur. It was extremely interesting and I hope to get some pictures posted later this week.