Or more aptly titled, a pool is a lot of work!

When we got home from vacation on June 25th, our pool looked like this:


That week we also had a pool solar cover & reel fitted and installed, both to help warm the pool and keep it clean.

It has helped on both accounts.  We’ve had a lot of cloudy weather, rainy weather (think inches), and wind, which normally would cool the pool down.  Instead, it has slowly warmed back up to 84 degrees and it perfect for swimming.  The cover has also helped with keeping the pool cleaner, although we are dealing with stuff accumulating on the cover and then getting rolled up in the cover and then being spread back onto the pool when we unroll the cover.  We’re going to try hosing it off as it is being rolled up (taking the cover off the pool) and see if that helps.  It’s a trial and error type of thing.

This morning I spent another hour brushing the pool sides and bottom and then vacuuming.  This is the third time I’ve done that process since we got home.  And Bill has attacked the pool with various chemicals.  And we now have a pool clean enough to swim in!

Bill added some clarifier at lunchtime, so maybe by tomorrow it will be sparkling clean.  Today it’s just clean.  But I went swimming, just the same.  A lovely way to cool down after working in 82 degree temperatures and 76% humidity all morning.