Weekly Overview 02.13.17

Outside My Window… it is overcast and dreary, just like last Monday!  Spring is in the air, though.  Daffodils are close to blooming and a tree in the neighbor’s yard has green leaves popping open.

I am thinking… that the afternoon is slipping away.  I’ve been quite productive today, but one goal was to do some Quicken and I’ve yet to open the program.  Maybe as soon as I get this post done – priorities, you know!

I am thankful for… the fact that the water leak I discovered yesterday was not from a pipe in the wall but merely a pinhole in the water line going to the refrigerator.  Much easier to fix and much less expensive!

From the kitchen… chick peas are soaking so I can make Chickpea Curry in a Hurry for my supper.  Eggs have been boiled for Bill’s noontime salads.

I am hoping… that I’m as productive the rest of the week as I have been today!

I am reading… The Immortal Irishman: The Irish Revolutionary Who Became an American Hero by Timothy Egan (for the 2017 European Reading Challenge), which is taking forever to read because I’m only reading it in the bathroom!  I think I’ll try to take it to bed a few nights and see if I can’t get it finished.  I finished Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout last night and will need to write a review for the 100 Books List challenge later this week.  And I’m still reading The Wilderness Warrior: Theodore Roosevelt and the Crusade for America, 1858-1919 by Douglas Brinkley.  It’s a little dry and it keeps putting me to sleep!  So I’ve been saving it to read on nights when I’m feeling a bit sleepless.

I am busy creating… Coffee Coasters.  I’ve made a couple of dozen at this point – they’ll make great gifts.  Fun and quick to work up, too.  When I get tired of making them (probably later this week) I will start making a Rippling Waves afghan for a niece.  I have the yarn and pattern (see picture below, Annie’s Crochet Big Book of Crochet Afghans, so I’m all set to begin.  The yarn colors are close to the picture, but not exactly the same.  I put away the counted cross stitch Santa piece – maybe I’ll get it out again later this year.

I am hearing… Adele on Spotify.  I love her music!

Around the house & garden… Christmas has been packed away!  Well, the tree is still up – David is going to dismantle that tomorrow and we’ll get it packed away.  It’s a 3-man job to get it hauled up into the attic.  I still have flowers up, though.  I spent time Saturday morning working outside, picking up some sticks and twigs from the neighbor’s cottonwood tree.  We hooked up the water hoses and watered the house foundation, plus added some water to the pool, as that was getting low.  I repotted and trimmed several houseplants, and sprayed a bunch of them for mealy bugs.  I hope the spray works!

Spider Plant Before

Spider Plant After

Actually that whole window area was cleaned up and several plants trimmed and fertilized.

In other news…  Bill is finally on the mend, although he’s still taking Musinex.  This bug was a doozie!

One of my favorite things… getting my reading homework done early!

Our Weekly Overview…

Monday: Bill working from home.  David is at work.  I had for Alysse in the morning and also cleaned & dusted the master bedroom.  The dust bunnies were taking over!  I even dusted the 30 floor to ceiling blinds, which was badly needed.

Tuesday: Bill works from home.  David is off work.  I’ll be at my Master Gardener class from 9 – 4.  This week’s lesson is on Soils, with a mini-lunch session on How To Clean Your Garden Tools.  Supper will be Mellow Mushroom, either Tuesday night or Wednesday night.

Wednesday: Bill has PTO, but also has an appt. for bloodwork at 8:40 a.m.  No breakfast for him!  David is off work (but probably has a Manager’s meeting to attend at noon).  I’ll have MG homework and probably some work for Alysse, plus the ever-present Quicken.  I actually accomplished a good bit last week with Quicken, so I’m hoping to get it finished this week and be ready for taxes next week.

Thursday: Bill has PTO and is using that time this week to study for a Microsoft certification that he badly wants to get out of the way.  David is at work.  Me:  Quicken, work for Alysse (if it comes up) and MG homework.

Friday: Bill has PTO and will be studying.  David is at work.  I have three different MG volunteer opportunities and hope to fit in at least two of them.  I need 70 volunteer hours, in addition to my 70 hours of class, by December 15, so I need to take advantage of any opportunities I can fit in.

SaturdaySunday:  David works.  Bill & I need to do some outside things, if the weather is nice.  The pool desperately needs cleaning (we didn’t get it cleaned last weekend).

Here are some picture thoughts I am sharing …

The granddaughters have both been busy this week.  Fiona attended a Daddy/Daughter Sock Hop Friday night and Liana had her first soccer practice this season on Saturday.

Fiona with the poodle skirt that Kat made.

Liana on the soccer field.

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    Oh the skirt came out nice! Well done on getting the house plants under control. Your MG course does sound interesting.

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