Butterflies and Bookmarks

I hit the after Christmas sales and scored these beautiful ornaments:

sparkly ornaments

I was only going to buy ten, but they were so cool that I kept picking and sorting and I think I ended up with 13.  They were half price, so only $0.74 each.  I haven’t decided whether they will be packed up with the Christmas ornaments or if I will leave them out and use them around the house.  I’m leaning towards the house.

I’ve been busy crocheting this month, finishing Christmas gifts, baby gifts, and starting next year’s Christmas snowflake ornaments.  Here’s the gift I made my cousin for Christmas:

lace crochet bookmarks

These Pretty Lace Crochet Bookmarks were fun to make.  The most difficult part was threading the ribbon through the crocheted holes.  I plan to make a few for myself and maybe a few extras to have on hand for gifting emergencies!


  1. Cee Gee

    Ooh, I’m so envious of your ornaments. I have the silver and gold dragonflies, too. I love your pink and gold butterfly. I have them in just silver and gold, but not pink. I have a couple more dragonflies; one is green like the butterfly in your picture and the other is hot pink. I use them as decor around the house year-round.

    Nice job on the bookmarks. You are so talented!

    • Karen

      I think I am going to use them around the house, along with my other butterflies. Having them, along with my house plants, gives me great joy on dreary days. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Missus Wookie

    Those are so cute and glittery, wonder if Bill will notice them?

    • Karen

      Hey! Now I do have to put them around the house, just to see if he notices! HaHa

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