2016 Update – Part One

It’s been quite some time since I posted any sort of update.  I’ll try to give some highlights from the past few months.


  • Kat, Fiona, & Fred came for a visit. Fred stayed for a week and then drove home to get back to work.  Kat & Fiona stayed the rest of the month and we had a lovely visit, doing lots of crafty projects and enjoying the pool.  Fiona and Grandma KarenThen, since Bill had a few vacation days coming, we took them back to Tallahassee, enjoying some car quality time.
  • We listed our Alabama trailer/property for sale.
  • I finished the afghan that I was making for our bedroom. Seashore Themed AfghanI love it!  It is so very soft and I smile every time I see the colors.


  • I insulated the garage doors with a couple of insulation kits.Insulated Garage Door
  • The whole family participated in the “Repair the Blown Head Gasket On the Neon” project, which took about a week.
  • We accepted an offer on the Alabama trailer/property.
  • The local water department installed a water pressure regulator for us, after we discovered our water pressure was in the 90s! High enough that when a valve failed in the downstairs toilet, it blew the lid off the toilet.  With the water pressure set at 70, we are having no issues with noisy pipes and have used substantially less water, which makes looking at the water bill a lot nicer.
  • I finished sewing a skirt that I had begun back in August 2013!Finished Batik Skirt


To be continued tomorrow….


  1. Roberta

    Glad to see your updates. The afghan turned out so well!

    • Karen

      I will be posting again about the afghan, more details, more pictures. Soon.

  2. Cee Gee

    Nice to see what’s going on.

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