Weekly Overview May 23 2016

pink impatiens

Outside My Window…Sunshine, a blue sky, and a front lawn that needs mowing.  A thunderstorm passed through about two hours ago and dumped an inch of rain.  It’s much cooler outside now and the wind is blowing a good bit.  We’re due for more storms this afternoon.

 I am thinking… Of all the house cleaning that needs being done this week.  We have guests arriving around June 2nd!

I am thankful for… Guests arriving!

From the kitchen… Silence.

I am wearing … A green jungle print top, dark blue stretchie pants, footsie socks & sandals.  I’m the height of fashion today.

I am hoping…  Bill and I can sort out for certain our vacation plans for the summer.  There seem to be too many variables and more being added every time we turn around.  I still believe we will end up driving, as airplane tickets are close to $60 more per person this week than they were last week when I was looking.  And Amtrak was cost prohibitive.

I am reading… Prince of Tides, by Pat Conroy, The Rosetta Key, by William Dietrich, and The End of Diabetes, by Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

I am busy creating… my sea shore themed afghan.  I decided early last week it was not wide enough, so unraveled the end of over 150 rows and am in the process of adding another 10 inches or so to it.  It’s coming along nicely.

I am hearing… Sleep on the Floor, by The Lumineers on Spotify.  Bill talking next to me.

Around the house & garden…  The garden grows well, other than one of my tomato plants has signs and symptoms of some sort of curly leaf virus and I am going to have to throw it out.  And my coreopsis has a fungus of some sort, so I need to try to treat that, in between rains!  Otherwise, everything is growing very nicely.

We got a lot of the Garden To Do List completed over the weekend –  I know I didn’t post the updated list last week.  I will do so this week.  Inside the house, nothing got done.  It will have to be the focus this week.

In other news…  Bill seems pretty sure we don’t have enough black tubing yet, so I think we’ll be spending more money on the “make the pool warmer” project.  I keep telling him it won’t matter how much tubing we have if the weather doesn’t ever turn hot and dry!

One of my favorite things… 

Copper enjoying our glider

Copper enjoys our glider.

Usually she lays under it, but I had been sitting there earlier with her on my lap, so maybe she was keeping my spot warm.

Our Weekly Overview… 

Monday: Bill works from home all week, support desk.  David goes in to work at noon.  I’ve been lazy this morning, sleeping in a little, crocheting a lot, playing with blog posts.  Laundry has been started, though, and I will get house cleaning done this afternoon.  I also need to call the eye doctor and make appointments for both Bill and I for exams.

Tuesday: David works.  Charles is meeting with an Alabama realtor at our trailer – hopefully that will be productive.  More house cleaning and likely a grocery run in the a.m. will be necessary.

Wednesday: David is off.  More house cleaning for me.  Also need to send out quarterly invoices for work.

Thursday:  David is off.  More house cleaning for me.

Friday: David works.  Hopefully by Friday the housecleaning will be completed, but that’s rather doubtful.  I also need to put 3 pepper plants into containers and mow yard sometime during the week, in between rain storms.

Saturday: & Sunday:  Bill has bought pieces to build some sort of movable structure for the netting that goes over my raised bed.  If he hasn’t completed the building one evening during the week, that will be his project Saturday.  Sunday is NASCAR race at Charlotte.  And next Monday is Memorial Day, a nice 3-day weekend that Bill is looking forward to.

Here is picture thought I am sharing …

kitchen window hanging baskets


  1. Missus Wookie

    Oh I like the hanging baskets either side of the window. So nice to see glimpses of your garden.

  2. Cee Gee

    Great update!

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