Garden To Do List May 2016

I have so many garden ideas floating around in my head that I started a list last Friday.  I didn’t number it – thought that might be too depressing!  All the items crossed off are those that I accomplished over the weekend.  The bottom four items were added this morning.

  • put up brackets for hanging baskets
  • plant morning glory seeds in one hanging basket
  • fill second hanging baskets with plants
  • hang hanging baskets
  • repot gardenia
  • repot pink hibiscus
  • purchase Texas hibiscus
  • plant Texas hibiscus front flower bed
  • move tiered steps outside to southeast corner of back fence
  • remove compost from left bin
  • put trellis up on two tomato containers
  • purchase trellis for squash container
  • plant squash in container
  • find sweet mini pepper plants to buy
  • dig up & amend north side of back fence line
  • dig up and move daffodil bulbs
  • plan iris bed area
  • repot blueberry bushes
  • plant some zinnias and marigolds in containers
  • move or buy holly bush for front flowerbed
  • purchase more border bricks from Walmart
  • plant peppers in bags that blueberries are currently in
  • start miscellaneous flower seeds in small pots
  • apply linseed oil to the fence
  • plant more lettuce in the shade – will need container


decorative flower steps boxMy mom sent me money for my birthday and told me to buy a plant.  Well, I bought something to hold plants instead.


My original plan was to place it inside the house in the living area and set my African violets on it.  I thought it would be great for the plants, as they’d all get more access to the light coming in the east window.  And I was right.  But then I couldn’t see the blossoms on most of the plants, as they were facing the wrong way!  Bill laughed at me and wanted to know what I thought was going to happen.  It was just one of those things that I couldn’t envision but actually had to try it out.  As soon as I did, I saw the fatal flaw.  So, I moved it outside against the back fence and it is working wonderfully there.

flower steps


You can just see one of the hanging baskets that went up Saturday, another item bought with birthday money (thank you very much, Roberta Gibson).  Here’s a better picture:

hanging basket

yellow lily



The second hanging basket is in the middle of the fence and has morning glory seeds planted in it.  I hope they grow!  I harvested them from my mom’s morning glories last October – hers were a gorgeous variety that I had never seen before, a double morning glory.  I think they’ll look lovely cascading down out of the basket.


The lilies that I planted last year are just beginning to bloom.  My very first bloom appeared on Mother’s Day!  Very appropriate, as my mother’s favorite color is yellow.


  1. Lori

    I am looking for the crochet pattern you used for the quick feminine scarf pattern…..can you help?

    • Karen

      Lori, the pattern can be found in

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