My New Office Setup!

I had a very special birthday gift last month.  David built himself a new computer last February and he happily donated his old computer to me.  Bill & David bought some more pieces and parts and worked several evenings fixing the old computer up for me.  I’ve been using my new computer for almost two weeks now, and it is glorious!  It is so much faster than my old one, which we figure was at least 10 years old, probably older, as we bought it used on Ebay.  It also has great graphics – no more jerky screens when I use Quicken!

As if a new computer wasn’t enough, Bill decided to put up shelves for my computer monitors and also build a raised shelf for my keyboard and mouse.  That was completed last Sunday.

Here’s the before:                                                                                                           And the after:






I am in heaven!  No more boxes.  I have more flat space to utilize.  I’m not chasing my keyboard around as the box it sits on slides one way or the other.  I can have multiple programs operating at the same time.  No more excuses for not getting work done!


  1. Roberta

    Oh my, no wonder you’ve been inspired to do more blog posts. Your new set up looks great.

    And kudos for making the standing desk work for you. I know I spend too much time sitting lately.

    • Karen

      I love my standing desk! It’s taken me a little time to get used to so much standing again – I did too much sitting over the winter and not enough standing or walking.

  2. Cee Gee

    What an upgrade! The new space looks wonderful. It looks like a great place to work. Enjoy!

    • Karen

      I forgot to mention in my post that I also have 2 larger, newer-to-me monitors. I am having a lot of fun utilizing this whole space. I feel like it’s finally mine.

  3. Missus Wookie

    This looks like a great place to work, nice to visualize where you are when we chat 😉

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