Butterflies Everywhere!

March was my butterfly month.  I felt the need to add some color to my walls, but I have never been one to paint.  Paint always seems too…permanent?  Radical?  Expensive?  Difficult?   Instead, I decorate.

Here’s the laundry room:



And the kitchen:


And the eating area off of the kitchen:




I love the big purple butterfly.  I shall be acquiring another one to place somewhere inside and possibly one to put outside on our back fence.

This hangs between the east window in the eating area and the door that goes out to the backyard:


I even put some butterflies around the tapestry that my mother-in-law made, which hangs above our entrance hallway:


The butterflies have been up for 6 weeks now and Bill has yet to mention them.  I’m not sure if it’s because he hasn’t noticed them or because he didn’t like them and just didn’t want to say anything.  Whatever!  I love them and will be strategically placing more around the house.

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  1. Cee Gee

    You know me, I love the butterflies, flowers, and pretty decor!

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