November Goals – Update 2

I’m a little late posting my November goals update, but here it is.

  • No Excuses November Work Out – 30 minutes exercise per day – So far, so good. I’ve made it every day. Batting 100%
  • November 2015 Walking Challenge – My goal was 60 miles for the month, making an average of 2.0 miles a day. I’m doing better than 100% on this one. After my walk today (the 22nd), I am only 8 short miles from my goal!
  • Weight Loss – Static. Haven’t lost any more, but haven’t gained either.
  • Quicken – Improvement. Since I remembered to use the tracking program, I been more successful. Out of the 8 weekdays since my Update 1, I have worked on Quicken 3 days. Not optimum, but a definitely improvement.
  • Website work – Goal was 1 hour every week day. Since Update 1, I’ve worked 5 our of 8 weekdays. That’s a few less than in the first third of the month.

Overall, I’m pleased with my progress. Now to figure out a way to keep all of these things going, AND keep up with the housework!

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