Chickasaw National Recreation Area Part Two

After our hike along the Lake of the Arbuckles, we drove to the Travertine Nature Center. Along the way, we stopped at Bison Viewpoint and saw the buffalo. It was feeding time!



The Bison Pasture Trail encircles the pasture where the buffalo stay. Maybe we’ll hike that next time! There are so many hiking trails in the Chickasaw National Recreation Area.

The Travertine Nature Center, named for the Travertine Creek, had some nice historical and ecological displays, along with the obligatory gift shop.

Travertine Nature Center

It was also the jumping off spot for the Travertine Creek Trail, which included spurs to the Antelope and Buffalo Springs. Antelope Springs is a freshwater spring, and Buffalo Springs is a mineral water spring.

Travertine Center Creek

Travertine Nature Trail

Travertine Creek

Travertine Creek

Antelope Springs

Antelope Springs bubbles forth from this pile of rocks:

Antelope Springs

Antelope Springs

The water was so clear! These weeds were growing just a few feet down the stream from the spring:

green water weeds

green water weeds

The green was so vivid! I could have stood there for hours looking at it.

To Be Continued….


  1. Cee Gee

    Rocks and moving water, my idea of paradise.

    • Karen

      Definitely so!

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