November Goals – Update 1

November is one-third gone! Can you believe it?

Here’s a quick update how my November Challenges are coming along.

  • No Excuses November Work Out – 30 minutes exercise per day – So far, so good. I’ve made it every day. Batting 100%
  • November 2015 Walking Challenge – My goal was 60 miles for the month, making an average of 2.0 miles a day. I’m doing better than 100% on this one. After my walk yesterday (the 10th), I had walked 25.42 miles!
  • Weight Loss – static. Haven’t lost any more, but haven’t gained either.
  • Quicken – Failure. I did open the program to create two invoices, but otherwise, nada. I am current on my bill paying and up-to-date on my checkbook spreadsheet, but logging stuff into Quicken hasn’t happened.
  • Website work – Goal was 1 hour every week day. So far I’ve only missed one day, and most days I’ve logged in a bit more than an hour. So I’m good there.

As usual, Quicken is my weak spot. The bane of my existence. And yet I always feel so accomplished when it is up to date. Obviously, feeling accomplished isn’t enough. I need to have a bigger reward. Of course, the biggest reward will be in January when I can simply import data and do taxes without having to spend hours/days/weeks inputting the previous year’s receipts! And I am only behind two months right now, so…



  1. Cee Gee

    I’m envious of your success. Great job! Can you put Quicken on a schedule and force yourself to work on it at a set time or day?

    • Karen

      Great idea, Cee Gee. Except I’ve never been very good at keeping myself to a set schedule. But your comment did remind me that I had been using to track my time working on Quicken earlier in the year. There’s something about seeing the time I have logged that motivates me to do more. Crazy. Anyway, I set the timer/tracker and opened Quicken and logged in an hour and seven minutes this afternoon. Thanks for the reminder!!

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