New Crochet Project

I started my next crochet project – a table runner for my brother Roger & his new wife Nancy. I let them choose the pattern from my Crochet Doilies & Tablecloths Pinterest board.

They chose this Rectangular Table Runner.

Amazingly enough, after hunting online for a pattern, I discovered that it was from a Magic Crochet magazine, which I subscribed to for several years back when I was newly married. Even more amazing, I have the pattern!

Table Runner Pattern

Next, I had to find crochet thread and the correct size hook. The pattern calls for size 40 thread and a size 12 hook, but I could only find size 30 thread. I made some test swatches for sizing, using an 8 hook and a 10 hook, which I had on hand. Both of those hooks made a swatch that was too large. So I dug around in a stash of hooks packed away that I’ve never used and found at 12! Using the 12, I made a new test swatch and it is much closer to the size the pattern indicated it should make. It will still be slightly larger, but that’s not a big issue. And quite honestly, I don’t think I could work with a hook that was any smaller.

crocheted table runner start

I’m a little worried that my hand is going to cramp by using such a small hook. I have some other hooks that have special cushioned grips, but I’ve not seen any that were this small. I may have to try to fashion something on my own. But I’ve really excited about starting a new project!


  1. Cee Gee

    Oh my stars, those instructions look like secret code to me.

    • Karen

      They are! If you don’t know the code, you are in serious trouble. 🙂

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