Crochet Flower Choker

Isn’t this the cutest necklace?

Crochet Flower Chocker

Crochet Flower Choker in Bamboo Thread

I made this for Fiona for Valentine’s Day. I wish I had had a brighter pink yarn to use, as bright pink is Munchkin’s favorite color. This was made with Aunt Lydia’s 100% Viscose from Bamboo Crochet Thread (Pure Pink). It is so amazingly soft.

Crochet Flower Choker

Crochet Flower Choker in Pink

Here I am modeling it before I mailed it off to Miss Munchkin.

I will be making one of these for myself in something other than pink (I have several blues and greens and purples in this soft thread). The original pattern is one I found on Pinterest (of course!). You can find it on my Jewelry Ideas Board (along with many other great crochet jewelry ideas) or go directly here – Crochet Flower Choker Pattern.

So many great crochet ideas …. Not enough time to crochet them all!


  1. Missus Wookie

    Oh pretty – bet she likes it even if it isn’t pepto bismal pink 😉

  2. Carol

    I’ve got to start making some of these cute crocheted jewelry projects. Maybe I could wear thing since they don’t have metal…

    • Karen

      The first version I made I simply crocheted a chain between the two flower ends to attach. You would have to make it large enough to go over the head that way, and without the Munchkin to try it on, I decided that might not be a good plan. But if you wanted no metal at all, it would definitely be the way to go, Carol.

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