Weekly Overview February 17, 2014

Ironwood tree Outside My Window the ironwood tree is beginning to bud. The morning clouds are beginning to clear away, leaving behind wispy remnants in the blue sky.

I am thinking about blog posts, blog schedules, and Quicken.

I am thankful for being able to go back to bed this morning for more sleep, which helped chase away the tummy blechs from last night’s dinner.

From the kitchen leftover pork chops and sauerkraut for the guys, asparagus and baked zucchini (with marina sauce) for all of us, along with a large salad for me (after I get more lettuce washed).

I am hoping Bill’s new task begins soon and continued progress on the job hunt front.

I am reading Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin.

I am busy creating Kat’s purple Wrapped in Lace shawl.

I am hearing Meet Me In Montana, by Dan Seals & Marie Osmond (listening to wsmonline.com), along with the house air conditioning unit.

Around the house & garden the dining room table has print-outs of recipes scattered about that need to be put into their appropriate binders (Vegetarian & Vegan, South Beach, Recipes to Try). There is still a good bit of the front yard to finish weeding (dried remnants from last summer along with a few newly appearing weeds) and the garden containers in the backyard still need cleaning out.

In other news my knee is feeling some better. For the past week I’ve been wearing my Dr. Scholl’s shoes (my dancing shoes), rather than my sneakers. I really need to get to a shoe store and replace those sneakers.

One of my favorite things pictures of my granddaughters.

Miss Wiggles Snowball

Miss Wiggles playing in last week’s Alabama snow.

Miss Munchkin baking

Miss Munchkin baking with her Alabama grandmother.

Weekly Overview A quiet week with the emphasis on finishing Quicken (so close to being up-to-date). I also plan to finish setting up a Blog post schedule, and maybe make some progress on a house cleaning/daily routine schedule. I need to make an appointment to get the Neon’s oil change/tire rotation done. I also need to make appointments for both Bill and I to visit the chiropractor. Thursday evening we will be watching the Budweiser Duel (NASCAR). And it looks like Bill & I might be making the trek to Phoenix on Saturday so Bill can do another certification test. Sunday will definitely be spent at home watching the Daytona 500.

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  1. Missus Wookie

    Nice to read about your week – hope it is productive too 🙂

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