This year I decided to begin a new tradition, crocheting snowflakes for my granddaughters. By doing one each year, they will have enough to decorate their own Christmas trees when they have their own trees. Since I began this new tradition some years after their first Christmas (one year after for Liana, seven years after for Fiona), I will be making extras to cover those missed years.

Snowflakes are fun to make; they take so little time to crochet that before you know it, you have a finished snowflake! For 2013 I chose Windom Peak Snowflake from the website. She has a wonderful assortment of free crochet snowflake patterns that she highlights on “Snowflake Monday.”

Miss Munchkin's Windom Peak Snowflake 2013

This is Miss Munchkin’s – notice the “F” embroidered on the left snowflake and the date “13” on the right snowflake.

Miss Wiggle's Windom Peak Snowflake 2013

And here is Miss Wiggles’s, with the appropriate “L” and “13” embroidered. I know Miss Wiggles liked her snowflakes because she was trying to wear them in her hair during our Skype session Christmas day.

I will be posting more pictures of snowflakes, as I plan to keep making them throughout 2014. I already have four more made (two for each granddaughter) for 2014, although I still need to add the embroidery. And then I need two for 2012 for Miss Wiggles first Christmas and fourteen more for Miss Munchkin’s previous years. Plus I am making them for my niece, who requested 100 snowflakes as a gift when she acquires her Ph.D. That’s still a couple of years away, but I already sent her the first two!

Chelsea's Sewemup Mesa Snowflake 2013

This pattern is called Sewemup Mesa Snowflake” from the same website. These are embroidered with the beginning initials of my niece and her fiancé, plus the year (13) to commemorate their first official Christmas together. Only 98 more to go!