Thanksgiving Prep

Today is the day I clean in advance of the holidays. I actually did some yesterday, in between grocery/supply shopping. Today I finish. I bet you didn’t know I only dust once a year and the time is now! So the Yanni music is queued up and will soon be blaring away. Yanni, Live at the Acropolisis still my cleaning music of choice, along with my wake up music. I’ve worn out two CDs, but I got smart this last time around and ripped the current CD, so now I listen to it on my computer.

Over the weekend I ordered/picked up prints at Wal-mart, so now I have new pictures of the granddaughters to scatter about the house. I also had 8×10 photos made of the Sunrise on the Huachucas pictures from earlier this month and they are now framed nicely and hanging in my dining room.

Tomorrow is baking day, although I really do not have all that much to prepare. David is going to make his Engineer’s Traditional Pecan Pie. I have to bake squash (do ahead in the crockpot), stuffing (do ahead and bake on Thanksgiving day) and green bean casserole (bake on Thanksgiving Day). I am also going to have a tossed salad, which is easy enough. And that is all I have to make! Our guests are bringing the turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, fruit salad and pumpkin pie. I think we will have plenty of food for five people!

The menu is NOT going to be vegan, but I do have some slices of Thanksgiving Meatless Loaf that I made over the weekend, so I will eat that instead of the turkey. And most things are going to have some dairy in them (like the mashed potatoes and the pies), so I will just eat sparingly of those items and take a lactose pill just in case.

And with that, I had best get moving! There’s a lot of cleaning to be done today!


  1. Soose

    Mmmm. Thanksgiving Dinner!

    Annual dusting? You will be impressed with me for doing it monthly lately.

    My latest approach to dusting (three times now) is to have the guys bring the hose to the air compressor into the house. I am blowing out the nooks and crannies while I run the fan on the a/c and the self-contained HEPA filter nearby.

    Tops of books on shelves collect dust; flower arrangements and any nicknacks collect dust. The dusty crevices between carpeting and baseboards clean out very well this way if your air compressor is strong. The tops of clothing in the closet can use a good dusting and this works very well.

    The goal is to get all the dust onto the floor where it can be vacuumed or out the door.

    Note: Use a face mask. Open doors if it’s good weather. You would not think dust could make you ill, but it definitely will.

    • Karen

      That seems like a pretty radical way to dust, Soose! I am not sure I could do that. Luckily I have a lot fewer knick knacks than I used to have, which makes dusting a bit easier. Even so, I did have a sinus headache on Wednesday, which I am sure was a direct result of all the dusting done on Tuesday.

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