Sunrise on The Huachucas

I captured these pictures of yesterday’s sunrise after I dropped Bill off at work.

Sunrise on the Huachuca Mountains

Sunrise on the Huachuca Mountains


  1. Soose

    Stunning! Gorgeous photos!
    This part of living in Arizona, I like. 🙂

    • Karen

      Me too, Soose. I will miss the spectacular vistas whenever we do move.

  2. Cee Gee

    Arizona in fall. Amazing! These need to be enlarged and made into wall hangings.

    • Karen

      These are definitely going to be framed and hung in my living room (or at least one of them).

  3. Soose

    I kept the second photo up on my screen as inspiration all day. 🙂 You could print it up into a set of note cards for a gift.

    • Karen

      I have the first picture as my computer background, Soose. And my brother suggested must the same thing about printing it onto note cards. That is actually something that I have been considering for a while, not just notecards, but other items as well with other pictures. Thanks for your comment!

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