The Road Less Traveled

Yesterday’s post ended with a road sign and multiple possible directions to take. Did you guess correctly? Given the choice, Bill and I will always take the scenic route, choosing a route we’ve never been on before rather than going back the way we came. We took the dusty eight mile dirt road to Highway 82. It was glorious!

It took us an hour to travel the eight miles – twice the amount of time we spent at the Roundup! – never getting above ten miles per hour. We found a lot more interesting things on our drive than we did at the Roundup also.

There were mountain ranges and waving grasses all around us.

Whetstone Mountains

The Whetstone Mountains to the east.

Mustang Mountains

The Mustang Mountains to the southeast.

Huachuca Mountains

The Huachuca Mountains to the South.

Santa Rita Mountains

The Santa Rita Mountains to the west.

At some point we noticed that the soil composition began to change, as there were many more large rocks in and along the side of the road.

We saw real trees! Not the little scrub mesquite, but BIG TREES!

Arizona tree

I saw this tree as we drove up out of a wash. The contrast between the green leaves and the blue sky was incredible. I asked Bill to stop after got up out of the draw and I got out, walked back down into the draw, and took pictures while walking up out of the draw.

Arizona Tree

We definitely would not have wanted to travel this road during monsoon season. We could see places where the road had recently been graded, throwing a berm of rocks and dirt off to the side. I imagine the monsoon rains wreak havoc with the road, even where it doesn’t cross a draw like this.

Arizona wash

Turpentine bushes

I think these are turpentine bushes.


We saw birds.

Eventually we found the main highway, drove to Sonoita for lunch at a small-town diner, and then went home.

It was one of the most enjoyable days we’ve had in quite some time.


  1. Missus Wookie

    Yeah for real trees and enjoyable days 🙂

  2. Cee Gee

    Eight miles in one hour! It looks like it was time well spent. Absolutely beautiful pictures.

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