Ever Vigilant!

That’s my new motto for as long as I am living in Arizona.

Arizona Bark Scorpion

Isn’t he sweet? NOT!

At least he was outside and not inside. I haven’t had any scorpions inside the house for about three months and none on the sticky pads in the garage for about two months. So that is progress. This one was outside on the back patio, though, and I’ve never seen them there before. We had a lot of wind the other day so I folded up the camp chairs that normally sit on the back patio and laid them down on the cement so they wouldn’t blow away. This morning I picked them up and set them back up so I could set my clothes basket on one of them. And there he was, all curled up on the seat of one chair, looking almost (Almost!) like a leaf. Except he’s not a leaf. Ugh.

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  1. Roberta

    That one isn’t a bark scorpion. I’ll look it up when I get a minute.

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