Catching Up

I disappeared again! Did you notice? I’ve been busy updating state pages on my homeschooling website. And crocheting on Liana’s baby afghan, which I would like to have done by Christmas, but I’m not sure I will quite have it done by then. I am making good progress, getting about 4-5 rows done each day. At this point, the base blanket is about half done.

Horses and Ribbons Afghan

Once the base blanket is done, then you use yarn to cross stitch the design on top of the blanket. Never again will I ever ever do another project that uses the afghan (Tunisian) crochet stitch. And yeah, I’ve said that before. This time I really do mean it!

I saw this lovely moth on our patio Sunday afternoon:


Aren’t the colors beautiful?

And last, but not least, this past Saturday marked four weeks of standing at my desk instead of sitting. I consider the experiment a success and will continue standing. I love being able to quickly come and go from my desk without having to get up out of a chair. I love being able to bounce/dance to my music as I’m working. My leg muscles are definitely stronger. My buttocks are much less sore, although the tailbone itself still remains sore. I suspect that will take a lot longer to heal up. The biggest drawback is how tired I am by the end of the day. The first two weeks were rough. By the end of week four, I’m doing well during the week, but by Friday evening I am pretty exhausted physically. I spend more of the weekend sitting to rest my legs, and by Monday I’m more than ready to be standing again! The small drawback is that I thought I would lose weight by standing more, but instead I have gained one pound over the past four weeks. Bill reminded me that muscle weighs more than fat, so maybe gaining a pound is actually a good thing. In any case, I will continue to stand while I work at my computer and let Copper use my computer chair!

Copper the cat

I disturbed her sleep when I took the first picture!

Copper the cat

Never disturb a sleeping cat!

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    That moth is soooo appropriate for Halloween. It is the black witch. See more details here:

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