No, not in the house again. Thankfully it has been over a month since I’ve caught the last scorpion. These scorpions can be found in the Arizona Museum of Natural History in Mesa, Arizona.

David and I visited the museum last month with friends and family (we had a great visit!) and I snapped these pictures then. If these were the actual size of the Praearcturus gigas (scorpions) back in the Devonian Era (three feet in length!), I’m glad I only have to deal with Arizona Bark Scorpions!

Praearcturus gigas

Praearcturus gigas


  1. Cee Gee

    Do you suppose they would fit under your door or down your vents?

  2. Missus Wookie

    I was just thinking that – at least you’d know they were under the rug 😉

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