Soft Waves Baby Blanket

You may have noticed that there were no posts last week. I have been quite busy lately working on my website and, as usual, I do one thing very well. My focus was so entirely on making updates to the website that I would run out of time each day before remembering that I hadn’t posted anything.

In addition to website work, I was also crocheting a lot! I started a baby blanket on a Friday and finished it eight days later. I was quite pleased with how it turned out:

Soft Waves Baby Blanket

The pattern is Soft Waves Baby Blanket from Red Heart. It worked up quickly and was quite easy to do. This blanket is for friends who just had their very first grandchild. Since it is so adaptable to any color scheme, I think I will use the pattern again for the next blanket I need to make, for a cousin’s grandchild that is due in November.

Again, as usual, I do one thing very well, to the exclusion of all else. I worked on this lovely blanket to the exclusion of the blanket I am making for Liana’s Christmas present. I guess I had best hold off starting a new blanket until I get several more rows done on Liana’s!


  1. Cee Gee

    Perhaps doing one thing very well is better than having dozens of unfinished projects everywhere – uh hum, my house.

  2. Missus Wookie

    Glad you were able to do something so well 🙂

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