Old Family Pictures

Last month I spent some time going through a box of old pictures and other memorabilia left to me by my grandmother, Mabel Esther Austin Gibson. I scanned a lot of papers, cool things like her 1926-1928 college transcript. I also found a lot of pictures, many of which were labeled, and I have been scanning them for posterity and to share with family.

Here’s one of my dad, Robert Warren Gibson, dated September 1937. He would have been three months shy of his second birthday, although he looks bigger than that here. He was a big guy, though, so the date might be correct. There was no name for the girl in the picture and it is definitely not either of his sisters.

Robert Warren Gibson

This picture is dated September 1946, so 9 years later. Dad would have been just shy of his 11th birthday. And with him is his younger sister, Lois Elaine Gibson, who would have been one month shy of her 8th birthday.

Robert Warren Gibson and Lois Elaine Gibson

It is kind of surprising to see dad with a cow, but I suppose milking the cow was his responsibility then. I know he never ever wanted anything to do with cows as an adult!

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  1. Cee Gee

    Wonderful keepsakes.

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