Christmas and Baby Favorites

Many years ago, BK, Before Kids, I made a beautiful two-sided Christmas tree skirt, large enough for the largest Christmas tree I might wish to have. And at that time, I wanted LARGE! I loved all things Christmas, but most especially the Christmas tree. In fact, there were several years that I had two Christmas trees. Alas, no more. Downsizing, no kids, and maybe some old age (dare I admit, maybe a bit of Scrooge sentiments also?) all have led to a much smaller tree. At first it was just a smaller artificial tree, around four foot. Now I am down to just a table-top tree that I pull out of a box already pre-lit. I never would have predicted that thirty-one years ago when I made my Christmas tree skirt.

After several years of not using the Christmas tree skirt, I realized that I can still use it, just not quite as it was intended.

It works nicely as a table cloth! I do need a larger centerpiece, which I will find this weekend.

Here’s the other side, which I used more often than the red side.

Yesterday I ordered some decorative candles to put in the windows that face the streets.
I have not decorated outside in more years than I can count, but I always liked the simple look of a single candle in each window.
I guess it reminds me of my childhood.

And speaking of childhood, I had two cousins that had babies in November and so I have been busily crocheting baby blankets in between Christmas presents.
I finished the first blanket this past weekend and it is ready to ship.

Here it is folded into quarters.

At full-size it measures 32” x 42” and is very thick, which will be good because the new baby lives in Maine and will need it to keep warm!

The pattern I used is one of my favorites, called “Sheila’s baby blanket” and can be found at Bev’s Country Cottage.
I used it earlier this year to make a baby blanket for Liana.


  1. Missus Wookie

    Oh how fun – I have a Christmas tree skirt, looked at it whilst decorating this year and wondered when/if I’d use it. Just need to get a round table then 😉

  2. Cee Gee

    Your tree skirt picture gave me a giggle. I’ve gone from never having a tree skirt to owning three this year. Being a bit excited over the idea, I starting coming up with ways to wear a tree skirt. I was trying to entertain the kids, I swear! Of course there is the skirt option, then the poncho, then the nun’s habit. You can also do bell-bottom pants, but my tree skirts don’t match. Too bad we didn’t take pictures.

    The baby blanket, like all your projects, is beautiful. Lovely work.

    • Karen

      Bell bottoms? lol

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