This blog post title sounds like I am royalty, getting ready to tour my kingdom! I wish!

Actually, it is progress in accomplishing my August Goals. And to accomplish them, I have been trying a new schedule this week. I do not wake up and feel like doing anything that requires mental concentration until late morning. So, using this knowledge, I am spending my mornings doing the physical labor jobs – yard work, room decluttering, furniture moving, etc. And then afternoons I slow down and do my computer work, pay bills, clean desk, sort papers, etc. So far it seems to be working.

Monday I put together a new five-shelf bookcase and began moving books. Tuesday I finished moving books and bookcases. Phew! I was exhausted!

When I finished working around noonish on Wednesday, I took a couple of pictures.

Here’s the room after I have all the crochet and craft items corralled. Notice the black dresser in the right corner. We bought a bedroom suit off from Craigslist on Sunday, which includes that 6 drawer dresser, along with a two drawer nightstand and a full-sized bed. I love the dresser and night stand; the bed I am not in love with, but we needed a guest bed and it came with a mattress and it will do. All of my yarn fit in the dresser, with two drawers (one large, one small) still empty. And that left the plastic unit to hold all my threads and jewelry making supplies. Everything in a place! Wonderful!

And this is David’s old room, where most of the books (& new bookcase) were moved to. This room originally held only the bookcase on the right corner, a weight bench, a rocking chair and a recliner (I should have taken a picture of this room last week). Now it is collecting the overflow from the other room, but I need to make sure that the bed will fit in the smaller room before I work too much at finding homes for all the boxes and other stuff.


And similar progress with my afternoon items, but they are not as easy to document. Suffice to say that my desk is a bit clearer, blog backups and updates have been made, and yesterday I even began some website updates. It felt good.