Wandering Wednesdays

Lately Wednesdays seem to be the day I end up with the car in order to run a gazillion errands. Some days I make as many as 10 stops around town in between taking Bill to work in the morning and picking him up in the afternoon. Today has been a little less rushed, with only 4 stops so far and just 1 more to go on my way back in to pick Bill up.

One stop was at the local craft store to pick up some embroidery floss for a couple of different crochet projects. I had never thought about crocheting with embroidery floss until I saw a blog post that showed a Granny Square Necklace crocheted with floss. Of course, I have to try this! With that in mind, I picked up some embroidery floss and a few other items that caught my eye.

I also learned of a Beginner’s Beading class being held at the craft store this coming Saturday. I may just have to sign up for that, what do you think?

Gardening Issues

Isn’t it always something when you are gardening? I have this lovely tiered planter in which I have lettuce growing on the top tier and some radishes growing in a couple of the lower sections. As you can see from the picture, it is now covered in bird netting.

I noticed over the weekend that many of the yummy green lettuce leaves that were present in the morning when I watered were snipped off down the stalk by mid-afternoon. BIRDS! I thought birds ate bugs? It seems they like tender green shoots too!

This section of radishes shows the damage the birds can inflict:

And here the other section of radishes is beginning to quickly recover once the netting was put over the whole unit:

I think birds were also eating the basil that you can see on the lower left section. I may have to transplant some flowers, though. These in the second tier look like they are budding:

I’m not exactly sure what flowers they are, as they were in a bunch of “cut flowers” seedlings that I transplanted into this tiered planter. They may want to grow taller than the netting will allow.

Hopefully I’ll be harvesting lettuce leaves soon instead of just growing them for the birds to enjoy!

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