Monsoons, Gardening and Fireworks

The hail I mentioned in my June 21st blog post did a real number on my green beans.

Between the hail damage and the high temperatures (days on end hovering around 100 degrees) in late June, they quit producing beans and all the tiny beans that were on the plant stopped growing. After waiting for them to start back up with the onset of cooler daytime temperatures after the start of Monsoon Season, I gave up and pulled the plants this morning. Sometime this week I will plant new bean seeds and we should have beans to eat again around Labor Day, with any luck!

The only other thing we have harvested from the garden so far is one tomato. I am trying to attack a case of blossom rot which has ruined more tomatoes than I want to admit. But I am adding calcium and keep hoping! A Gardener is every hopeful!

On July 3rd the rain clouds hovered over Thunder Mountain

and since then, we have had quite a bit of Monsoon rain, including a nice long soaking rain on July 4th. Luckily the rain tapered of just before the Sierra Vista Fireworks were scheduled to begin. Last year fireworks were cancelled due to wildfires, so it was very nice to be able to see them this year. Somehow it just isn’t the Fourth of July without fireworks.

David & his roommates came down from Phoenix and spent a couple of days with us. The Fourth was spent playing cards and grilling burgers and roasting corn, in addition to the fireworks display. It was a very nice day.

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  1. Cee Gee

    I kind of missed having fireworks this year. I guess I missed seeing my parents interacting with the children. Oh, and my bean seed went in the ground in May. I’ve got a few plants, but no blooms. Perhaps at some point I’ll have beans. This gardener is a bit of a lunatic!

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