Flowers and Vases

I promised some garden pictures this week and so here are the first. I planted snapdragons two years ago and they did fairly well. Obviously they self-seeded, as they appeared again last year, when I mostly ignored them, watering them only occasionally. This year they came up again and so I decided to be nicer to them. I’ve watered and pruned and they are looking very pretty.

I am glad I decided to pay some attention to them this year, as they are making lovely cut flowers.

I bought this lovely vase a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been lamenting that I didn’t have any small vases (so many of my vases are still in storage in Alabama), so when I saw this pretty blue one, I just had to snatch it up.

My cousin Roberta knows me well. Look what arrived in the mail yesterday for my birthday:

A handcrafted green vase. I love it! We both have a penchant for vases of flowers around the house, something we learned from our mutual grandmother, Mabel, which my cousin wrote about just yesterday in her blog, Eleven Point Pink. Thank you so much, Reb, for the lovely vase.


  1. Roberta

    Very nice flowers! (And vases :-))I don’t know whether it is true where you are, but here in the low desert our snapdragons act like perennials. Of course they do self-seed, too. Love the colors of those last two.

  2. Missus Wookie

    Oh these are lovely, I’m learning to love small vases here too. I usually use small jars or bottles.

    I like snapdragons too – how fun that we can grown them in such different climates.

  3. Carol

    I’m still looking to replace a small vase my mom had that I broke with the vacuum cleaner cord as a teenager. She was fine with it, but I’d still like to find another one like it.

    • Karen

      Wow, that’s a long time to look for a particular vase. I hope you find it!

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